TOM WATTS-vocals

It is certainly no secret that it's Tom's crooning ability and nonconformist hygiene that cause the ladies to flock to every single Pizzle performance. His being like a behavioral experiment gone terribly awry makes it very important to remember the herculean amounts of alcohol he has imbibed, as then things will tend to make more sense. "Two-Fisted" Tommy Tanqueray had so much fun when he filled in as frontman in '95 that he decided to become a permanent Pizzle fixture. Or he forgot he was free to leave.

Former Bands: JOT, Helen Shields, Bitch Head, Decatur


As a founding member of the band in early 1992, Jason has had a front row seat for the legacy of poor judgement and baffling decisions that define Pizzle's career. The accumulated bitterness has served only to drive him further into his fantasy world of monsters and television from which he can still beat on the E string.

Former Bands: Why Store, Transmatic, Birdmen of Alcatraz, Beautiful Authentic Zoo Gods, Sweet FA, Mere Mortals, Magical Attraction Of Booty, Jennie Devoe Band, Old Pike, Mysteries Of Life, El Nino, United States Three


Well... The less said about Mike, the better.

Former Bands: Helen Shields, Lunkheads, Sacred Feces, Misspent Youth, Decatur, No Man's Ruin


Scoth lives in the snuff room at the Crazy House. Until he provides a better photo here's one from his junior year of high school.

Former Bands: Blatherskite, Ice 9, Cryptomanics, Caustic Feces