The Sad Tale Of

More of a bite in the ass than Shark Week, Pizzle has been drunkenly lurching about the murky depths of the dismal Indiana music scene since 1992 striving to establish the Malevolarchy (a societal system in which the ruling class consists solely of necrophiliacs and serial murderers). You can rest assured this is not some baggy-trousered fluffy crap about girls or empty political rote.

Pizzle's pre-retro sound has entertained capacity crowds in the Midwest, the deep South, and anywhere else folks don't know any better delighting audiences with a whirlwind of saliva, beer, and the occasional blood. A live Pizzle performance is much like a random act of violence in that it is senseless, quick, and funny in a weird sort of way.

Critical darlings since the band's inception, the music press simply cannot write enough about Pizzle, often just making stuff up when they run out of news. Their "Trouble In The Monkey Haus" EP (Knock Worst Records) was favorably reviewed worldwide and the resulting skyrocketing sales have made each band member very, very wealthy indeed. So fuck you. The Black Flag/Misfits sound of that EP brought Pizzle to the attention of Electric Frankenstein's Sal Canzonieri, who proceeded to include them on the first volume of his groundbreaking "A Fistful Of Rock 'N Roll" compilation series. The ensuing attention has led to an imaginary Scottish record deal as well as plenty of other pleasant delusions. So, again, fuck you.