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Ok, like I've said a million times before, I have no idea what to do with this site anymore. Take a look at the pictures if you haven't already, and you can check out my new online journal here. Thank you for stopping by.

Old updates

The Small Print

This site is just about all my own creation (hence my property). Some of it's old, some of it's new, so that's why a lot of it isn't very good. I update when I feel like it, when I can, or when I add something new. You can contact me by clicking the "mail me" button on the menu, or by these means:

thus_i_win@hotmail.com (I also have MSN messenger)
ICQ#38379108 (I don't use ICQ that often).

Hey, if you've come straight to this page, it would be really nice of you to got to the front page so that my counter will go up. If you bookmark my page (which I doubt anyone does), please bookmark that one, thanks.