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Win32 Assembly
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Desktop Replacement
Desktop Replacement

The main page is moved to Please, visit it for the latest updates.

Currently it's a raw beta version with the whole bunch of bugs.

20.01.2000 - I've uploaded a new version of the NoE Explorer. It has some bug fixed and some new features, such as each desktop now has a unique menu and background picture. If you use it don't forget to convert backgr.jpg to backgr.bmp (I didn't want it to be overbloated :-)

NoE Explorer is a shell for Windows'98 that replaces the standart Explorer. One more shell. I might say that it was done taking into account speed, size, whatsoever. I wouldn't. Frankly, I was driven mainly by the academic interest, to get more experience in Windoze programming and to brush up my assembler. :-) I decided to publish it and to make it an open source software although it was designed to suite my own needs therefore the main features are:

  • maximum working space on the desktop (not everyone has a 17" monitor :-), it's free of bars and panels of any kind (except of the system tray that hides itself)
  • easy menu access
  • customisability
  • maximum performance, thats why I got rid of timers. Modern computers are fast enough to handle some things on the fly.
  • and I can't help - size and speed :-) Assembler is great, isn't it?

the other capabilities are:

  • everything is launched through the set of the popup menus or shortcuts (screen or keyboard - it saves lots of time, trust me.)
  • virtual windows, limited to the 32-bit integer (about 54 with 1152x864 resolution) and are scrolled sequentually
  • shortcuts are unique for each desktop
  • shortcuts could be brought to the top or stay on top
  • as you may note it runs in the Windows environment and why not to use the stuff it provides?
  • full mouse buttons interchangability (now my mouse's right button's gone and I'm having fun with just one-buttoned mouse and to my experience it happens every now and then!)

The other reason is that I would like it to develope and your help would be appreciated.

Here is a screen shot.
You can download a beta version here (about 86K). As I have warned you, use it at your own risk. IMPORTANT: Be sure to disable the tray if you run it under Explorer! However, if (should I say 'when'?) you discover any bugs please drop me a line.