Claiming members from such early West Coast garage punkers as the Fingers and Supercharger, not to mention a healthy dose of pop punk from former Mr. T Experiencer Jon Von, the Rip Offs were success and MTV bound from the start. Fortunately that's not how it worked out. The first band incarnation of Greg Lowery and the White Bros., the Rip Offs rocked yer filthy balls like nobody else. With a lone LP and a handful of singles, these boys called it quits way too early for my liking.

The Neato Discography w/ Lotsa Pics
Wussy Printable Text Discography w/ Way Less Good Stuff


Mr. Greg Lowery: Colostomy Bag, Bass, Vox
Mr. Shane R. White: Receeding Hairline, Lead Guitar, Vox
Mr. Jonathan Von Zelowitz: Age Spots, Impotency, Rhythm Guitar, Vox
Mr. Jason White: Irritable Bowel, Summer Teeth, Drums, Vox

You're Ugly! Get Outta My Face!