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HELLO, WELCOME TO MY SITE! My name is Dinie, well my real name is Stephanie,but everybody calls me Dinie. Anyways, the rambling page is somewhere else and I'm working on this site by myself. again!! which is kinda good and bad. You see a friend of mine who went to school to make webpages was supposed to help me. Which brings me to my point of sitting here doing the site by myself. I've learned alot about HTML and I'm not done by far, so enjoy the fact that there is now something here to the webpage once again instead of me still getting ready. on the bright side, my friend did make the cool logo at the top of the screen for me. I'm into a few things and I will be displaying them for all the universe to see(Although, aliens are smart enough to stay away from us!)which is a little scary, laying bare all that purgeth thy soul. I lay all my faults at the Master's feet and try to go about my life knowing that I tried and had few regrets. I really wish that I could say 'no regrets' there, but honestly, how many people have absolutely NO regrets? If they say that they do, they are probably lying to you, although I can't say for sure that they are, but most likely. Well we've moved into a bigger house. It's a definite fixer upper, but we are working on all of that! Today this is what I have accomplished! Well we've started moving the stairs, we have temporary ones up until Mickey and Blake finish Blake's truck. I'm working on cleaning out the family room so that when they get done, we can continue the work. Plus I'm ripping out the carpet and thinking about painting a design on the floor. Eventually, Mickey will be getting a pool table for all of his hard work. I'm not sure what I'm getting yet... Wood floors I think. But that's really for everybody to enjoy and I'm going to have to install them.YAY! And I am very proud of myself. YAY!