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I would like to introduce you to the most informational site, about every form of Body Mod you could ever think of,  BME.  BME stands for Body Modification Ezine.  This site is free, and includes tons of pics,  stories, and articles to mention the very least.  Aside from all of the free info , etc. there is a Member Section that includes BME/Hard and BME/Extreme.   (I would recommend a membership, if you enjoy adult material, and extreme modification pics and experiences.)

Check it out for yourself!!!

Here are some
direct links to pages within BME.

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[Ritual ]

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[Link Me to You}

BME/Body Modification Ezine:  Best bod mod site on the web!

BodyArt World Community:  This is a community within MSN, you must be a member in some way(hotmail account, passport, etc.) You can submit your own pics and messages instantly!

Books about Body Modification

The Body-Arts Link Page: Tons of Bod Mod Links!!  This site is owned and maintained by someone other than me.  There is no association between us.   

Books about Tattoos

Skin Deep:  This is a great body jewelry store.  $5 14 and 12 Gauge, $10 10 and 8 Gauge Captive Bead Rings. 

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