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There is no god!

by Nick Boughton

Today I appeal to an issue that affects the minds of all of us, whether we are free of religious prejudice like myself or still constrained to our various churches as their slaves, I will talk nonetheless. First of all I'll state the main point in this particular forum, I am arguing that THERE IS NO GOD. No lord, no lady, no divine beard in the sky who will come to save all the loving faithful who have righteously slain those that have their own Gods who probably say exactly the same things but simply don't have the numbers of morons-I mean believers- to slaughter the infidels.

How can there be a god? What creates him or her? And if he/she really does exist then where are they now? Where is the loving Christian god that tells us not to kill and stands back with a blind eye to the slaughter of innocents during the crusades and the 600 years of murder under the Spanish inquisition? Just because the Church apologised afterwards doesn't exactly bring 6oo years of corpses back does it? And what of the Churches suppression of information? When it was discovered that the Sun is the centre of our solar system and not the Earth the Church suppressed this with all their might declaring it heresy and it's adherent's to be the sons of Satan and so forth.

But there is of course that seminal piece of Christian theology, The Bible, full of good virtue yet never failing to bring spite and vengeance into the picture.

What a loving god it is that allows Adam and Eve the freedom to do anything EXCEPT learn. As the serpent tells Eve, eating from the tree of knowledge will make them equal with god with the knowledge of good and evil and the knowledge of sciences. Yet God suppressed this and forced Adam and Eve into exile from the Garden of Eden simply because they wanted EQUALITY. What kindness and loving is it to want people to be stupid?! And if our wonderful Bible is so right then according to it, God is infinite, if god is infinite we can assume that infinity is god and therefore we are all part of God. Well if we're all part of god then we cannot possibly have views that do not coincide with his, yes? Well in that case I must be a figment of your imagination's cos Atheists can't exist! Think about it, question it. It is not unfair of me to say that there is no rational proof of God, all we have are two thousand-year-old writings. Two thousand years ago people would believe anything! But this is not two thousand years ago, this is now and now we have methods and means to define things more accurately. Yet we cannot prove Gods because they don't appear in any physical manifestations what so ever. They merely come in books written by long dead madmen who probably never considered that just because you say something is there doesn't actually mean that it is.

We deal with and refuse lies everyday, why should we accept this one, especially when there is no tangible evidence to back it up! Especially when no one can realistically prove it. The proof of God does not exist except in books, if God came down from his/her mighty ethereal throne right now and said look I'm here, then I would say ok so here's god, but when has that ever happened? Never! So why do people lie to themselves daily and bow down at church, pray thanks before meals when there was obviously no divine intervention that gave them that meal, it was their own work and effort! God does nothing, says nothing and shows nothing, where is faith without proof I ask you. Where is your god?! let him or her as it may be come here right now and prove it and then I'll agree, but never before. Let your god strike me dead if I am lying when I say THERE IS NO GOD!

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