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Who Am I?

O.K, I'v never written anything like this before so this probably going to be the least interesting thing on the site. There, you have been warned.
ok, Hi! I'm Nick, webmaster or designer, or whatever stupid and cool sounding title you'd care to use, of this entire site. Why I'm even bothering with this bio stuff?, I don't know. I'm a far left vegetarian athiest anarchist with more issues than "Time" magazine . I'm English and I live in Hong Kong. I've been stuck in this hell hole for the last 16 years and I can't wait to pass my GCSE's and go to England to do my A levels. No matter what you hear about Hong Kong, DON'T EVER COME HERE FOR A HOLIDAY!!, or at least not in the summer. The weather is so hot and humid that by the time you get out of the shower and in the next room you already need another shower to clean yourself up with. I'm also the lead guitarist and vocalist for Hong Kong based punk rock group Tollbooth (click here for my band logo) I've got a pic of me from sometime around New Years Eve up Click Here to see me. and I'd like to thank a whole group of people now for being there for me as my friends, if you know me and think you're name should be here, tell me.

  • Jessica
  • Joonas/Abi
  • John
  • James
  • Christina B.
  • Christina J.
  • Carol
  • Pat(12 inches)
  • Pat
  • Cat
  • Ian
  • Jenny
  • Louise(my friend)
  • Louise(my sister)
  • Louise(my step-sister)
  • Sam(my little brother)
  • Niall
  • Richard
  • Vin
  • Francesca (my younger sister)
  • Linds (my step-mother)
  • My mum and my dad
  • Mike(The guy who runs Anarchy:TOS, kick ass site)
  • Mike(my step-brother)
  • Jennie
  • David
  • Jane
  • Johnny
  • Billy
  • Claudia
  • Neelesh
  • Amin
  • Nadim
  • Tatiana

      I can't think of any more names right now but if I need to add anyone, please tell me

      I would also like to include in this bio another of my influences which is the web page Anarchy:TOS This page is truly brilliant and I'd like to thank Mike very much for creating it.

      As well as Anarchy:TOS I want to thank Tom Fulp for which has inspired me to do my own work in Flash : )

Comments, Suggestions and Complaints?
Lets get this straight ok?
  • Any and all content on this site is probably mine, don't bother arguing cos you don't know were I live.
  • Any and all content submitted to me by viewers/readers automatically becomes my property and therefore may be subjected to any form of commentary that I choose, be it honest, satirical, ironic etc...

Alright then, now that that is clear.


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