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30th April 2000

Well I got in ok last night and went straight out to party with my friends. I had a good time : ) once again I woke up in Marks room with a splitting headache and stumbled home around 12. Jeez... I honestly cannot be bothered to do the news today. Sorry guys.
oh, and Abi? I put your name on the bio page.
Wow, I actually have a guestbook entry now, how proud I must feel... well not really, but what the hell, funnily enough even Americans find my site. That's international for me. Now I want everyone to Sign My Guestbook so my ego will feel marginally better about creating such a worthless website. And tomorrow I think I'll actually do some specific n e w s
29th April 2000
Well, this is it, my last day in the Philippines until... I dunno, I think I'm coming back at Christmas, I think this is the first time I'll ever really miss this place when I go. oh well...
To take my mind off the depressing gravity of my impending departure let's talk about Clinton and his NMD policy. Personally I believe that all nuclear weapons should be dismantled and disposed of and the plans and designs for nuclear weapons should all be burnt to prevent the knowledge for creating them from spreading, damn Clinton is a moron.
28th April 2000
This just in, I went to adbusters and followed the link, this particular site however kicks ass. As an anarchist I'm all for the destruction of the IMF, 3rd World Debt and the WTO.
This is pretty cool, I just found it at the Students for an Anarchist Society website. I recommend the group and the site.
I truly am getting sick of the weather here, I just sit around waiting for mail from Cat, no else mails me these days, it's almost depressing .... so I'll wait some more....
Oh no! Russian Soldiers killed in Chechnya? Does anyone really know why Russia is so intent on keeping Chechnya? I think this has some interesting things to say about it. What I don't get is how the U.S could ever scream human rights only months ofter their brutal bombing of Kosovo, in fact the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) where originally listed as a terrorist group before the U.S started bombing Milosevic... a the hypocrisy of beauracracy.
Elian wants to go back now? So Clinton is leaving the decision up to Juan Miguel Gonzalez... smartest thing Clinton did since he zipped up his pants and stopped whipping out his cock for interns. But hang on, what about the Cuban American community that are protesting this? They're all saying that Castro will send the kid to a concentration camp for re-indoctrination... however in America he is currently confined in a military base where the only real entertainment he can get is American tv shows? somehow I fail to see much difference in his life no matter where he stays.
Just found this apparently cloned cattle have shown signs of being younger than their biological age. So they might be able to apply this kind of science to human beings to slow down the ageing process? Isn't this just what an overpopulated world needs? people living longer and being able to raise more children? What kind of idiots are we calling scientists. I hate to be callous but the old are a serious hinderance to society and ought to be allowed to die early and naturally, as I recall the number of old in Britain now outnumbers the young, this is not good because it means pensions and welfare are going to have be cut down seriously. The old are going to have to start working again. I assume the work load will help kill them off tho.
Just found this thru dogpile and it is actually quite interesting, just another geek saying what he thinks. I like it.

27th April 2000
THIS has got to be one of the most disgusting examples of bigotry I have ever seen on the net, another case of Christianity gone wrong, a case where the Religious Right, whom I consider to be second in evil only to NAZIS, pro-claiming their pious bullshit and their anti-gay propaganda, funnily enough I have never seen a single actual arguement about WHY they don't like gays so much. They cannot substantiate their claims that homo-sexuality is "unhealthy and anti-social" (family research council) because it isn't true. Homosexuals are in fact generally better educated and richer than any other members or group of the general populace. So why does the religoius right continue to persecute them? I can only think of one rational explanation, homosexuals cannot produce offspring unless by adoption (for men) or adoption or artificial insemination (in the case of lesbians) so the R.R don't like gays and lesbians because they cannot use them to produce more bigots for the greater glory Jesus Christ. By the way, this is not me being disrespectful, I am merely being honest, Neither is this, I found that idea deeply moving.

The Misanthropic Bitch is intelligent, satirical and a self proclaimed hypocrite, I reccomend her site.

Also in the news, Talks in London to resolve Zimbabwe crisis, What's Going On In The Americas?, And Europe?

Now THIS is cool, I only just found it. I almost died laughing too. It's just so ironic, with all those people out there who say that they're good, god-fearing Christian's with their crucifixes and their bibles and their 10 commandments, (especially that one that says "THOU SHALT NOT KILL") and yet at dinner time they sit down to a steak.....

Okay people also check out PETA they kick ass.

One last thing before I sign out for the day, check out Hate Watch for the latest on the movements of religious right and racist groups.
Well that's it for now.

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