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7th May 2000
I want to credit Tatiana for giving me the new Poll question, this one is defintely more exciting than the last.
This has just been sent to me by Tatiana, it's damn good.

katherine: some italian chick flirting over dinner. shakespeare.

-- Fie, fie! Unknit that threatening unkind brow,
And dart not scornful glances from those eyes,
To wound thy lord, thy king, thy governor:
It blots thy beauty, as frosts do bite the meads,
Confounds thy fame, as whirlwinds shake fair buds,
And in no sense is meet, or amiable.
A woman mov'd is like a fountain troubled,
Muddy, ill-seeming, thick, bereft of beauty;
And, while it is so, none so dry or thirsty
Will deign to sip, or touch one drop of it.
Why husband is thy lord, thy life, thy keeper,
Thy head, thy sovereign; one that cares for thee,
And for thy maintenance; commits his body
To painful labour, both by sea and land,
To watch the night in storms, the day in cold,
Whilst thou liest warm at home, secure and safe;
And craves no other tribute at thy hands,
But love, fair looks, and true obedience,
Too little payment for so great a debt.
Such duty as the subject owes the prince,
Even such a woman oweth to her husband;
And when she's froward, peevish, sullen, sour,
And not obedient to his honest will,
What is she but a foul contending rebel,
And graceless traitor to her loving lord?--
I am asham'd, that women are so simple
To offer war, where they should kneel for peace;
Or seek rule, supremacy, and sway,
When they are bound to serve, love, and obey.
Why are our bodies soft, and weak, and smooth,
Unapt to toil and trouble in the world,
But that our soft conditions, and our hearts,
Should well agree with our external parts?
Come come, you froward and unable worms,
My mind hath been as big as one of yours,
My heart as great, my reason, haply, more
To bandy word for word, and frown for frown;
But now I see, our lances are but straws,
Our strength as weak, our weakness past compare--
That seeming to be most, which we indeed least are.
Then vail your stomachs, for it is no boot.
And place your hands below your husband's foot:
In token of which duty, if he please,
My hand is ready; may it do him ease. *

the Queen: wicked temptress emotionally torturing some guy who 'accidentally' climbed through her window to kill her. [haha] jean cocteau. --

[The Queen shows Stanislas a locket she wears.] I have procured from my chemists a poison which I keep here at my neck. It is marvelous. The capsule takes a long time to dissolve. It is slowly absorbed into the body. You smile at your Reader. You know you are carrying death in you and no one is aware of it. You put on your riding habit, you mount your horse. You leap over obstacles. You gallop and gallop. You get flushed with excitement. A few minutes later you fall from your horse. The horse drags you along. The trick has worked. I have kept this capsule out of mere caprice. I shall not use it. I soon realised that destiny must act by itself. For ten years, I have been consulting a ghost whose mouth never utters a sound. For ten years, nothing has been said from without. For ten years, I have been cheating. For ten years, everything that has happened to me originated from me and it is I who decided what it should be. Ten years of waiting. Ten years of horror.

I was right to love storms. I was right to love lightning and its terrifying mischief ... the way it undresses a shepherd and bears its clothes miles away; prints a tree-leaf on his shoulder. It enjoys these pranks. The lightning cast you into my room. And you are my destiny. I like that destiny. It so happens that I have been silent for ten years. For ten years I have forced myself to keep silence and show my face to no one save my reader. I hide it under a veil or behind a fan. Tonight, I am showing my face and I am talking. Whether on account of the storm or of a presentiment, I do not know, but at nine o’clock this evening, I began talking to my Reader. I admit I only told her things I want her to repeat. I talked to my Reader, then I talked to myself. And I am not stopping. I talk. I talk. I talk to you. I feel quite capable of asking questions and giving the answers. And to think I was complaining that nothing new happened! I am free. I can speak and show my face. I can upset things! Break them, send them flying! [She passes quickly to the window. She turns around and speaks standing in front of the curtain.] Do you realise what is happening?! Supposing, instead of lurching about in this place where you have discovered me, instead of being exhausted by your race for life and your wound, supposing you had recognised me and struck me down? ... Tell me, who were you? Say that word which is tied to your tongue: 'Assassin!' You fainted. Is it my fault? I lifted you up, hid you, saved you, made you sit at my table. In your honour, I have broken all the rules of propriety and etiquette which govern the conduct of sovereigns. To kill me will be more difficult, I grant you that. You will have to become a hero. To kill suddenly, on an impulse, is nothing. To kill deliberately, in cold blood, requires far stronger character. Though I should very much dislike being the victim of a murder, it would suit me admirably to be killed by a hero. If, however, you spare me, I shall not spare you. I hate weakness. We haven't a day to lose. And I repeat: if you don't kill me, I shall kill you. *

the Queen: time-travelling three hundred years to berate the has-been shrew. note: this is NOT what i think of men. [by guess-who] --

You make me retch you stupid girl / you should know about Baywatch, full of girls like you whose only merit is their thinly veiled submission to men / irritating pest, your type pollutes the mainstream entertainment / every sip from your silver goblet is another confirmation of your weakness / you’re a Barbie doll from Shakespeare’s time / empty underneath your mascara and Wonderbra / strutting / teasing / playing / you’ll never really get the upper hand / keep deluding yourself if it makes you happy / pseudo-MANipulator / vermin / you’re far from getting any respect after that monologue you did just now / you flirt / succumb / giggle / flick your long coiffeured hair / you are so cliché and boring / every man who winks at you gets a flutter of eyelashes / compliments guarantee kisses / flowers equal sex / a ring will bind you to the man who will use you, fuck you, get tired of you then find a mistress just like yourself while you rot and age in your pathetic ignorance / do you really think I have tolerance for subtlety, satire, or mindless jest? Before you know it you’re going to become a product of your own parody / Can you ever wake up to yourself? / you’re trashy, undignified, shallow, cheap, not like me, a sovereign, a Queen. Queens are all MANipulators.

Oh Shakespeare’s mistake in the ghastly dawn of his career before MANipulators were Queens / Cleopatra / Lady Macbeth / symbols of power and passion / evil and true to their own interests / but somewhere and sometime the seed of a character germinated in your creator’s mind, the idea grew like a cancer and became Katherine, a man tamed the shrew and ever since you’ve been nothing but a sweet obedient cock-sucker / while you bare your chest to numerous men and consume copious amounts of alcohol / playing your transparent love games / out of my sight / you wanton / brain-dead whore / tart / tacky bimbo / all you are is a piece of meat surrounding a stretched hole excused as a cunt / I feel sorry for you / I really feel for you / have you any idea how to interact with men? / twist them around your toes / torture them / humiliate them / hurt them while they thrash on the floor helplessly begging for mercy / kill them even but never show any signs of weakness / I’ve spoken enough for today / so leave / go to the world and pronounce your availability with your ‘external parts’ / reset the sexual prototypes that are the very antithesis of my existence / oh go be the scrutinised role model for our next generation of ill-fated pubescent girls.

* the sphinx: she's awesome. product of steve berkoff's play 'east' ... an east-end london version of oedipus. provided for more insight on the previous one. [heh] --

You make me laugh you fool man / you should know about brothels, they exist for you to prop up your last fading shreds / men need killing off before they kill off the world / louse, you pollute the earth / every footstep you take rots what’s underneath / you turn the seas into dead lakes and the crops are dying from the plague that is man / you are the plague / where are you looking when you should be looking at the ghastly vision in the mirror / the plague is inside you.

You make your weapons to give you the strength that you lack / enslave whip beat and oppress your guns, chains, bombs, jets, napalm, / you are so alone and pathetic, love from you means enslavement, giving means taking, love is fucking, helping is exploiting, you need your mothers you motherfucker, to love is to enslave a woman to turn her into a bearing cow to produce cannon fodder to go on killing / can you ever stop your plague / you’re pathetic, unfinished, not like me, never like us, a woman, a sphinx. Women are all sphinx. I have taken the power for all, I am the power / I could eat you alive and blow you out in bubbles / I devour men like you … oh send me strong men you scrawny nothing / look what they send me / mock up heroes / plastic movie watchers / idoliser of a thousand westerns / punk hero / flaccid man / rapist filth and shit /

oh nature’s mistake in the ghastly dawn of time when women were women, androgynous and whole and could reproduce themselves but somewhere and sometime a reptile left our bodies, it crawled away and became man, but it stole our little bag of seed and ever since the little reptile has been trying to crawl back, but we don’t want it anymore, all we need is your foul little seed, you gnat ...

something that takes you thirty seconds of your life and us nine months we create build nourish care for, growing bigger and fat and after we suckle and provide. While you dig in the earth for treasure, play your stupid male games / go you biped of dirt / just a prick followed by a heap of filth, I feel sorry for you / I really feel for you / I’ve eaten enough men this week / so go / fuck off / stink scum dirt shit / go, before I tear you to pieces / go and plot and scheme, hurt, exploit and rape, oppress and wound, make a few more evil laws you shrivel of flesh, you poor unreliable penis.

You have not even our capacity for compassion ... I could come ten times to your one / wanna try big boy? You are from my rib mister / me from you? What a joke / woman was Adam / she was the earth, woman is the tide / woman is in the movement of the universe. our bodies obey the phases of the moon … our breasts swell and heave and our rich blood surges forth to tell us we are part of the movement of nature / what signs do you have? / How do you know that you are even alive? / can you do anything?

I do hope you read all that cos it truly is extremely good. I want to thank Tatiana for sending me that. I hope others will also send me such things which are interesting to read and enjoy.
Ahh, another dull day in boredville Hong Kong. What did I do? I let my friend Cat drag me aound the plaza to buy materials for her art exam and then I went to her house and helped her make a chair. The alternative was going home and sitting in my room. I don't mind really, the manual labour of putting bits on a chair was more interesting than my house, or my room.
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I honestly can't think of anything I really want to say today. My mind is completely blank. Live with it.
6th May 2000
No update on friday you say? well sorry I went out and got pissed with my friends and now I'm grounded cos I snuck out and got caught, FUCK! oh well, I'm only not allowed out at night. I'll survive and maybe I'll put some more wierd pictures up later.
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In the news Russia loves Al Gore because of his foreign policy... Why? because it is favourable towards Russia. Fair enough I can understand that, what I still don't get is why America is whining so much about not being allowed to continue it's NMD policy under the ABD (Anti-Ballistic Missile) treaty of 1972. I fully support the ABD because it means the U.S can't have more missiles. Begin Rant Here:The U.S already spends way too much money on it's military and I think it depends on force too much as well. America does not understand reasonable discussion its closest attempts at subtlety are casually mentioning its Defence budget and its latest new weapons when discussing an affair it wants control of. Fuck America or at least what it stands for, it's not the land of the free unless you can afford to pay off the cop that arrests you smoking a joint, an act that is no where near as harmful to yourself as getting drunk or smoking cigarettes, America is only free if you're rich and P.C (Politically Correct). They even claimed that Elian Gonzalez was the second coming of Christ or a prophet. What The Fuck?! Gonzalez is a 6 yr old kid that was lucky to survive the trip he took. End of story. I mean think reasonably! And what about the woman that sued Nike cos she injured her ankle while wearing Nike shoes?! Dammnit she even got away with it! What moron of a Judge would let that pass? Don't americans take any responsibility for their actions? she bought the shoes by her own choice, anything that happens afterwards is her fault or her problem. And people who sue tobacco companies because the warnings on the packs weren't specific enough? they should be injected with 60mgs of nicotine and left to die. Once again, think reasonably, the warning says it'll harm you or even kill you, that's specific enough. It says it'll harm you so you shouldn't take the company to court when it does. By buying a pack of cigarettes and smoking them by your own choice you are taking the responsibility that it can and will damage your health upon yourself. It is no-one elses problem when you die of cancer because of it. End of story, I also want to say I'm not trying to insult any Americans in particular only the stupid ignorant people who think that it's not their responsibility if anything happens to them whilst using a companies products. If they're not using it properly and it injures them or if they get a lung disease from smoking, it is not the producers fault or problem. It is the problem of the consumer. It is the responsibility of the consumer.
Another thing, I have finally put the pics on the images page.
There is no such thing as a Superpower and everyone is beginning to get sick of America
4th May 2000
And in todays post! Well it looks like I'm going to fail Design & Technology, my teacher was being a real asshole about it today. Funnily enough I don't much care! even if I fail that one subject I'll still have 8 GCSE's provided I pass all my other courses and the minimum requirement is 5 A*-C GCSE passes to do A level (All you Americans out there, I go to an English school) so what the hell, I already have a C grade at GCSE for music and I'm expecting either a B or a C at Maths. According to my English teacher he expects me to get 2 B's at the minimum, I'll probably scrape C's for History and Business and I'm hoping for an A or a B at Expressive Arts. So I don't really give a shit if I fail one subject. Hell, I only picked it because it was either that or a language and I hate languages more.
Well I only saw one interesting news article so far, the Democrats (U.S) are asking for big cash donors to give them USD$500,000 each! jesus America has no limit for greed! damn, if I had $500,000 bucks I would buy a small house and put the rest in the bank for my future.... If I have one... ah, of course I do. I don't think I've actually posted this before but I want to be a social worker when I get out of University, so I can help people: ) sure I know it's a government job but that doesn't mean I can't spread a little dissent from within while I'm there...
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3rd May 2000
It's a scary thought, but I think I'm falling in love, damn I wish she felt the same : ( ...

Fine, since you're all too fucking lazy to make a contribution I'll do all the fucking work myself.
In the news, Canada will not be blackmailed by the U.S into joining it's missile defence scheme. Scheme being the appropriate word I think...

Hahaha, America is worried about Israel selling yankee technology to China? well they shouldn't be selling and producing weapons of destruction in the first place. What can you expect from a country where they illegalize spelling tests in some states because it lowers the students egos when they fail!

Enough of this now I have a lunch to eat, now I want u lazy fuckers to email me stuff, so DO IT!!
2nd May 2000
Out of sheer boredom I've decided to change the heading title... I don't know why, actually I feel like having a bitch at all of you lethargic fucks out there. I created this site for a laugh and to see if I could get people to actually think about things. The most interesting thing I've seen today? my own answer to a question from a business studies exam paper.
Describe one social cost of multinational companies to the countries in which they operate?
well I thought about this and I knew the exam board wanted me to give some lame politically correct shit like the companies factories could damage the environment, but the more I thought about it I realised - "That isn't social, it's environmental" So I thought I'd give them a real social cost. What did I write? well it was this: Multinationals in need of unskilled labour often place their factories in third world countries where there is no minimum wage. They then exploit the workforce as much as possible and pay the workers barely enough to subsist upon, they cause suffering and pain in these countries that have little or no choice but to allow this to happen because their governments need the extra income in order to simply exist. They cannot carry on without this perverse foreign investment because most of these countries are too poor from having to pay off the interest rates and debts they have incurred due to their need for foreign aid during the last century. America one of the biggest of their creditors consistently refuses to drop this debt even though it could easily afford to do so, in fact none of the thirdworld's creditors have accepted petitions and pleas to drop the debt and the interest rates they demand have caused these countries to fall further and further into poverty hence needing either foreign investment such as multinationals or more foreign aid which they know they could not possibly ever pay for. Hence capitalism once again is the true enemy of the common man, as well as the western worlds ever lasting greed for more.
I thought it was a good answer, what do you think?
What I would like readers of this site to do is mail me their opinions on key issues and other such things so that I can post them with all proper credit given to the contributors and I reserve the right to comment on contributions myself. So please mail me your ideas and opinions and I'll be happy to post them.
Ok, this is only a quick post I'm in school. I can't believe I'm working on the site in school. I'm bored to put it simply, bored bored bored... I want to do something interesting but there's nothing interesting to do in Hong Kong.... oh well, someone email me an interesting story and I'll post that if i like it.
1st May 2000

Yes, this guy looks stupid, is he actually retarded? NO!(although he might as well be) he is in fact SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE THOMAS M. FINNERAN, for the Democratic party in Boston, MA. Why am I ridiculing him? because he says that "it is the right as well as the duty of all men in society, publically ... to worship the Supreme Being," well up yours Mr Finneran. I hereby pledge it as my right and duty to raise my middle finger to you and say worship this.
Typo and server error has wiped the rest of todays post... Damnit.

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