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Breuer's Sign, Breuer's Hypnotic Sign,
Objective Sign of Hypnosis - Breuer's Absent Pupillary Reflex Sign,
Breuer's Sign of Hypnosis,
Neurologic Sign of Hypnosis
Proof of the Hypnotic Trance State

An Objective Neurologic Proof of Trance State

History: The early mention of this sign is in an 'archaic' and esoteric book, 'Hypnotism' by Carl Sextus, which stated that when people are asked to open their eyes while remaining in deep trance and then when a light is shone into their eyes, their pupils won't contract. Use any suggestions you wish to keep them in hypnosis, but at this point in trance do not use any suggestions relating to their eyes, visual focus, light or the pupils' dilation/contraction.

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