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Tarot Correspondences

By Tracy Porter

Copyright 1993

Below is a listing of Tarot correspondences. It is a very small listing, which does not even begin to cover the complexities of the oracle, but will give the beginner a glimpse of insight into the intricacies of symbolism of the Tarot.


0. THE FOOL. Let go and take a risk. New beginnings. Nice change.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Instability. Look before you leap. Taking risks.

1. THE MAGICIAN. Initiating projects. Control of destiny.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Unable to decide. Lack of inspiration or energy.

2. HIGH PRIESTESS. Psychic. Powerful woman. No need of men.
NEGATIVE MEANING. All facts not known. Hidden enemies, namely women.

3. THE EMPRESS. Creativity. Expansion. Pregnancy or birth.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Poverty of spirit. Material and sexual discomfort.

4. EMPEROR. Ambitious, powerful man. Hunter and seducer.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Dislike or loss of authority. Using people.

5. HIEROPHANT. Teacher. Tradition. Marriage. Sound advice.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Rebellion. Get a second opinion.

6. LOVERS. Soulmates. Go where your heart leads you.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Love triangle. Relationship problems.

7. CHARIOT. Rewards for hard work.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Addiction, avarice, envy. Lack of self control.

8. STRENGTH. Inner courage. Unconditional love. Animals.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Must overcome fears. Summon up inner strength.

9. HERMIT. Solitude. Teacher. Learning.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Loneliness. Examine your life.

10. WHEEL OF FORTUNE. Fate. Destiny. A new cycle.

11. JUSTICE. Decision. Issue resolved positively.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Injustice. Imbalance. Delays. Separation.

12. HANGED MAN. Sacrifice. Temporary pause. Wait to decide.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Selfishness. Materialism. Bad investments.

13. DEATH. Transformation. Renewal once the old is released.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Resisting change. Wait to make decisions.

14. TEMPERANCE. Balance and harmony.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Quarrels. Disagreements. Poor judgement.

15. DEVIL. Materialism. Lust. Overwhelming physical desire.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Warning against abuse of power, sex or charm.

16. TOWER. Exhilarating change that is necessary and positive.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Extremely disruptive change. Imprisonment.

17. STAR. Hope. Inspiration. Friends or partnerships.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Depression. Refusal to let go. Lack or trust.

18. MOON. Dreams. Psychic impressions. Need for sleep.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Insincere people. Deceit. Substance abuse.

19. SUN. Happiness and vitality. Children. Centeredness.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Delayed success. Relationship difficulties.

20. JUDGEMENT. Decisions. Awakening. Success in litigation.
NEGATIVE MEANING. A loss. Delay in making a decision.

21. WORLD. End of a cycle. Success and fulfilment.
REVERSE. Delayed completion. Necessary changes.


ACE. Optimism and invention. New opportunities and directions.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Creative blocks and delays.

TWO. Balanced enterprise and power in business.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Partnership problems in work or career.

THREE. Opportunities and success.
NEGATIVE MEANING. A lost opportunity.

FOUR. Harvest and prosperity.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Delayed success.

FIVE. Opposition and power struggles.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Disputes and conflicts.

SIX. Victory and good news.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Trouble at work.

SEVEN. Stand up for your rights.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Loss of opportunity from fear of risk.

EIGHT. Fast expanding horizons. Travel. News.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Too much haste causes mistakes.

NINE. Recovery from illness. Success and achievement.
NEGATIVE MEANING. More obstacles, but success still possible.

TEN. Overwork or obsessive behaviour.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Welcome responsibilities.

KING. Energetic. Charismatic. Generous. Romantic. Trustworthy.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Selfish and freedom loving.

QUEEN. Warm. Light. Loyal. Passionate. Sensual. Fun loving.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Unreliable. Unstable. Jealous. Vengeful.

KNIGHT/PRINCE. Bored easily. Flighty in business.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Untrustworthy.

PAGE/PRINCESS. Creative. Lively. Intelligent.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Hyperactive. Unstable.


ACE. Material and physical prosperity. Increase of wealth.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Material problems. Wealth may not last.

TWO. The need to balance material wealth.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Warning against living beyond means.

THREE. Success through one's skill and work.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Potential success spoiled by lack of application.

FOUR. Financial stability and security.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Financial anxiety. Greed.

FIVE. Loss of faith. Poverty of material or spiritual world.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Financial situation will improve. Restoration.

SIX. Unearned gifts given and received. Charity and philanthropy.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Material loss.

SEVEN. Slow growth. The seeds of success have been planted.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Prepare to start again. Reassess talents, dreams.

EIGHT. New skills. Training. Apprenticeship. Further education.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Meaningless toil. Feelings of limitation at work.

NINE. Material comfort and sensual pleasure.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Material security is at risk.

TEN. Money connected with the family. Finance and family.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Impermanence of wealth. Family burdens.

KING. Sensual. Financially secure. Wealthy. Earthy.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Miserly. Boring. Stick in the mud.

QUEEN. Supportive. Practical. Kind. Fond of luxury.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Greedy and ambitious.

KNIGHT/PRINCE. Ambitious. Determination. Lacks imagination. Slow.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Financial strictures. Career problems.

PAGE/PRINCESS. Happy news. Minor financial improvement.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Shyness. Moodiness. Non-communication.


ACE. Mental changes. Fresh ways of thinking. Powerful forces.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Tension. Delays and misunderstandings.

TWO. A stalemate. Uneasy peace before the storm.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Think carefully. Lies. Deceit. Manipulation.

THREE. Heartache. Eternal love triangle.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Although hurt, wounds are beginning to heal.

FOUR. Rest. Recuperation. Meditation. Quiet.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Enforced rest. Loneliness. Hospital stay. FIVE. Limitation and power. A defeat.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Defeat after a battle of wills.

SIX. Moving away from a difficult situation. Happier times ahead.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Continuing difficulties, but victory possible.

SEVEN. Theft of ideas. Fluctuating effort. Caution.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Superficiality. Shallowness. Manipulation.

EIGHT. Bondage. Temporary restriction. New ideas necessary.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Release. The restriction is passing away.

NINE. Oppression. Fear. Anxiety. Negative thinking.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Release from bad time. Light at end of tunnel.

TEN. Betrayal of trust. Lies. Slander.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Negative thinking. The enemy within.

KING. Logical. Clever. Quick witted. Needs mental stimulation.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Malice. Manipulation. Destructive use of words.

QUEEN. Cool. Charming. Intelligent. Social.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Dangerous gossip. Lonely and bitter.

KNIGHT/PRINCE. Quick thinking. New ideas. Student.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Deceit under a veneer of honestly.

PAGE/PRINCESS. An awakening mind.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Spiteful gossip. Lies.


ACE. Joy. Happiness. Love. Deep abiding friendships.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Emotional upheaval. Love affair coming to end.

TWO. Love. Harmony. Partnership and commitment.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Relationship difficulties. Lack of understanding.

THREE. Lively events. Parties. Weddings. Engagements.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Too much socializing and overindulgence.

FOUR. Emotional re-evaluation. Mild depression. Scared of love.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Fear of being alone. Look for new opportunities.

FIVE. Melancholy. Something lost, but other avenues to explore.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Happiness coming back into life after bad time.

SIX. Remember happy times from the past.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Cut cords from past; it wasn't as perceived.

SEVEN. Look carefully because all that glitters is not gold.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Dangerous delusions. Fantasies and drug abuse.

EIGHT. Moving away. Searching for meaning.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Fantasy and depression.

NINE. Emotional fulfilment and well being.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Beware of becoming complacent.

TEN. Lasting spiritual happiness. Joy. Dreams come true.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Emotional disruption. Quarrels. Moving away.

KING. Imaginative. Emotional. Charismatic. Highly sexed.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Depressive. Escapist. Unfaithful. Substance abuse.

QUEEN. Feminine. Artistic. Spiritual. Emotional. Sensitive.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Emotional blocks. Changeable moods. Manipulative.

KNIGHT/PRINCE. Lover on the way. Loving. Creative. Dreamer.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Lost in emotional problems. Lazy about life.

PAGE/PRINCESS. Increased intuition.
NEGATIVE MEANING. Bad dreams. Nebulous intuitions.