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The Idolatry of Christian Psychology

Shining the light on christian psychology

revised May 23, 2011

Christian Psychology
Is it Idolatry?

It is time to confront the church about its love affair with "christian psychology." To remain silent would continue tacit approval for the irreparable harm being done to the church, to Christian families, to Christian marriages, and to Christian lives by these purported heroes being given such idolatrous adulation.

"But the true God hath this attribute, that he is a jealous God; and therefore, his worship and religion, will endure no mixture, nor partner."
Sir Francis Bacon

A tragedy is taking place in the churches which profess to be following Christ. False teachings of worldly wisemen have been brought into the church by those masquerading as shepherds and as counselors who are inwardly the ravening wolves about whom Paul warned long ago. Satan comes not with horns and tail but as a beautiful angel of light; sometimes even as a christian counselor or preacher. He knows the bible well, and is willing to pray to achieve his deceptive goals, and even quotes scripture, although twisting it or taking it out of context.

Only by acting as the Bereans, whom Paul congratulated, can we hope to discern the genuine from the counterfeit, the truth from the lies which tickle our ears. We cannot simply accept what the majority considers to be truth in these days of deception in which we live. We must remain a peculiar people, separate, chaste, and set aside as the bride of the soon coming Christ. We cannot act or believe as the world does, or follow its worldly teachers or those who try to mix worldly wisdom of the ungodly with God's pure Word and call it holy because they themselves are perhaps "christian".

As mathematician Blaise Pascal once said, unless one loves truth, he is unlikely to know it. It is this writer's opinion that many professing to love Jesus do not love Truth.

This mere lip-service to the truth has a severe repercussion according to God's Word. He promises to send those who do not love truth a strong delusion so that they will believe the lie. What lie? Any lie, any falsehood or expert opinion of some professional, some outstanding member of the church hierarchy, pop "christian" author, highly recommended "christian" counselor, televangelist, "christian" politician, et al.

Therefore, those who show by their attitudes that majority or expert opinion is good enough for them, miss the truth they could have gleaned from the Bible which would have warned them to exercise discernment, and become ensnared by the mass delusions which are clearly rampant around us and in our midst. My brothers and sisters in Christ. Think of this author what you will, if you do nothing else, determine right this minute to unconditionally love truth, not merely accept what others say, no matter who they may be. If you will do this, God will honor that attitude of your heart. Your life will never be the same from that moment.

To continue, some very well known men and women would have us believe they have been called by God to practice "christian psychiatry" or to teach psychology to the church. They mostly say the bible is "insufficient" to solve the problems of the body of Christ and that the pastors and lay believers cannot handle the tough problems with the tools provided them in the Word of God. However, the Holy Bible says that God's written Word and the Living Word, Jesus Christ is sufficient. These experts who encourage a psychobabble gospel fail to disclose how many clients such professionals have led into despair, divorce, or suicide while replacing the truth of God with a lie.

How many marriages have been weakened or "put asunder" in the name of helping achieve empowerment or personal fulfillment? Where is their absolute stand for the foreverness of marriage and family as required by God's holy Word? Where do such christian psychologist's get the authority to justify encouraging divorce on the basis of abuse allegations or spousal misconduct? Why do they ignore the covenant aspect of the marriage institution? Have they forgotten that these sacred institutions of marriage and family are not secular but were ordained by God and are not to be put asunder? Any person who turns his/her back on their own flesh and blood are worse than an infidel according to the Word of the Lord.

The "professionals" seem to believe they alone have wisdom to solve people's problems and to heal their afflictions. Has not God made foolish the wisdom of this world and spoken his truth to babes? Can these false "christian" prophets somehow clean up the philosophies of godless and worldly wise-men by attempting integration with God's Word? Is this not a misguided effort to add such "doctrines of demons" to the pure Word of God?

Scripture says there can be no counsel, no wisdom, no understanding against the Lord. Psychology, as a body of humanistic wisdom, clearly contradicts biblical principles and therefore does not honor our Creator who is Lord of heaven and earth and outside of time and space. Psychology has its roots based in the hollow philosophy of men who have rejected God, his holy word, and the loving sacrifice of his Son on the cross of shame.

Psychology and psychotherapy as these have evolved today reject the sovereignty and sufficiency of the Word, who is both the person and the testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ. The bible personifies wisdom as being Jesus. Any teaching or purported theories which dishonor or reject Jesus therefore cannot be considered "wisdom." Christians who rely upon such science falsely so-called of this world are not qualified to give counsel to their brothers and sisters in the Lord.

If anyone thinks himself wise, let him become a fool so that he may become wise.

The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord.

The worldly wisdom offered by today's therapists which is in conflict with God's word is simply not considered counseling by the Holy Bible which says that all counsel must agree with what God has already spoken. God's Word is forever settled in heaven.

Since the days of Creation, lying serpents have masqueraded as christian counselors and therapists by questioning what God has said. These false counselors beguile unwary men and women to become their own arbiters of good and evil rather than humbly relying upon God's Word. God's own words are our sufficient counselors. No teaching or counsel which is against the Word of God is acceptable, nor is it true, according to the Holy Scripture. As the Scripture warns: Let every man be a liar, and God's Word be true.

Counseling based upon God's word is good. Scriptural truth brings healing to all who hear and receive it. It does not take a professional to select just the right passage for a particular problem. All of God's word is said to be Spirit and truth, thus all of that Word is supernaturally able to heal and make whole.

Therapy based upon the pseudo-science of psychology is deceptive and heals no one. It may ease their guilt and therefore they feel temporary relief. Psychology's unproven theories and faulty humanistic reasoning weaken the faith and common sense of many. Freudian psychology mocks the moral teachings of parents and sears the conscience of those who listen to it. This takes away personal restraint so that sin may abound without the constraint of personal responsibility. This has led to obvious negative results in our increasingly violent self-centered society.

Just like the serpent gave Eve permission to sin, so these therapists give you and me such encouragement to do likewise. How much encouragement does our flesh need? I don't know about you, but if a person considered to be churchly and expert tells me he's got it right, and I've got it wrong, might I not concede my position to him, even if his facts are biblically wrong? That is liable to happen, unless my heart is determined to love truth, and to fight for truth. Not to fight for my opinions, which may be incorrect and often are, but to fight for what God has told us is true, even if I must fight on alone.

Many christian psychologists when confronted will claim they do not follow Freud and that he has been discredited. If one observes closely however, they will find that almost all psychologists and psychotherapists continue to use Freud's faulty theories, practices, and godless explanations for human behavior. This in spite of the contradiction of such beliefs and theories with the holy Bible. It is their decision to make, but they are making a personal decision of grave consequence, and those who love Christ and intend to follow him only, should be able to see the difference.

One of the most tragic examples of the error of Christians following psychological idols is in the area of recovered memories of childhood abuse. Worthless and vain counselors attempting to integrate godless psychological wisdom with the word of God have failed to discern the huge deception of imagined abuse memories in response to suggestion. Instead, they actively joined their secular counterparts in encouraging the wicked creation of vile abuse memories which are being used to slander parents. These are the same parents whom God commanded us to honor and respect without exception.

In the so-called "christian" version of recovered abuse memories, one often finds stories of satanic rituals, cannabilism, dark ceremonies, and forced abortions. Multiple personality myths also abound as many come to rely upon a false identity assigned them during misdiagnosis of their symptoms. Even the "christian" bookstores are full of such garbage written and published as "non-fiction." The truth of the matter is said to be too controversial by the publishing houses that one would think would answer only to God and not to the almighty dollar for what they publish in His name.

The MPD device may result from scapegoating guilt onto others, from overeliance upon drugs, too much self-focus, hypnosis, or from misguided therapy for spiritual problems which require God's spiritual solution. The bible clearly shows that in some cases God sends insanity as a judgment upon pride and rebellion. Anyone who thinks about it for even a little while must admit that self-focus is a path to emotional instability and possible mental breakdown.

Many in the church today have accepted a psychologized gospel in place of the biblical gospel. It has gotten so bad that preachers in some churches are even hiding out the adult daughters that have falsely accused their Christian parents of abuse, some of whom are preachers themselves and active in their faith. Brethren, this should not be!

How does it lift the cause of our Lord to support questionable abuse victims who testimony is based on delayed recall and without the necessary two witnesses, slandering parents in ways which defy the biblical principle decreeing honor for both our father and mother? Parents who have been given authority over us by the Lord cannot be rebelled against simply because they fail in their duties. All authority is really God's authority and because it is, dire personal consequences attach to those who show that authority such rebellion and disrespect. Please hear this. If it be not from me but from the Lord, choose whether you will serve him or serve the philosophies of worldly wise-men who will tell you differently. As Joshua said, "Choose this day whom you will serve, but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."

Giant-slayer David honored King Saul long after this authority acted dishonorably. The honor God commands us to pay to authority and parents is not earned, it is a matter of obedience to God.

Noah's son Ham erred gravely in slandering his father while feeling justified because Noah had acted without honor. Authority is a principle that is extremely important to God and to us, and brings serious consequences to us and our children for our failure to submit to God's will and Word. There is a blessing for those who humbly choose to remain under authority. Those who fear the Lord, know that no man or woman can sin without paying the price. Sometimes that price is hard to bear. Suffering is something we all experience in life, but who needs more of it? If we are called by God to suffer, better for doing right than for doing wrong.

The way of the world is to seek our own honor, but the way of Christ is to pay honor to others to whom it is owed,including those who have failed. To honor is to ascribe value to the one honored, even to some whom this world disdains. The Bible says it is not honorable to seek one's own honor. Why then do therapists encourage our human pride and self-esteem which already craves respect and honor?

I must admit here and now that I too have great difficulty with this principle. Not with honoring my parents, for my heart is totally committed to that, but with honoring some authorities God has placed in power who seem bent on doing evil. How does one disagree with the evil and yet maintain respect and pay honor to that authority who refuses to repent? All I know is much prayer and repentance of my own and with an attitude of heart to obey God's word and accept his will on the matter. This doesn't mean I give up standing for truth or accept falsehoods of that authority.

Why do so few therapists take responsibility for their mistakes? Why do they so commonly pose as infallible, refuse correction, and arrogantly avoid repentance while clinging to their belief in unproven idolatrous theories? Is it the deceitfulness of sin, a type of spiritual blindness?

Even as many deny any kinship with Freud, they use his theories of "repression due to trauma" and "psychic determinism" as a matter of routine. Do not be misled, whatever it is called, today's therapy is filled with deceit and deception. Hypnosis and mesmerism is associated with psychotherapy and all three involve deceit and distorting reality.

Why do today's marriage and family therapists have no commitment to saving marriages and families? Even so-called christian therapists often facilitate divorce and family break-up while focusing clients upon soothing their feelings. Why have they such disregard for "putting asunder what God has joined together?" Jesus said his followers are to deny self. Why then do therapists encourage almost every client to focus on self? Where is our response to Apostle Paul's command for us to esteem others as better than ourselves?

Much of the established church now reflects this same godless attitude because it has accepted the false teaching of psychology and become saturated in therapy error. Nothing can be truth if it conflicts with what God has said. A bad tree cannot produce good fruit. Godless ideas do not produce godly lives, marriages, or families.

Check out the background of some of the godless men and women who developed what "christian" psychologists and psychiatrists now want to integrate with the pure Word of God's truth. I challenge you to show any of these to be godly men who can be trusted to rightly divide the word of God. I invite a rebuke from anyone who can show me where I have misspoken.

Freud was a god-hating philosopher who invented a new religion calling it "psychoanalysis." He not only hated Christ, he hated Judaism as well, forbiding his wife to go to Synagogue from the moment they married. Freud's own son had not set foot in a Synagogue until the day he married. Freud believed Biblical Christianity to be myth.

Franz Anton Mesmer was the founder of psychotherapy according to psychiatrist and scientologist Dr. Thomas Szasz. Mesmer was an astrologer-M.D. from Austria who traveled to France conducting seances and pretending healings of mythical illnesses. He was exposed as a fraud and a charlatan by none other than Benjamin Franklin, the American ambassador to France at that time. Yet Mesmer's occult practice of "animal magnetism" has lived on for centuries through the practice of hypnosis and psychotherapy. Neither "christian psychotherapy" nor "christian hypnotherapy" has any Scriptural basis in the Church of Jesus Christ.

Mary Baker Eddy followed the teachings of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, a mesmerizer-healer who got his methods from Mesmer's occultism. Eddy rewrote the bible with new age jargon and founded the cult of Christian Science. A good example of the fruit of the tree of occult belief in mesmerism, hypnosis, and mixing religion with pseudoscience.

Erik Fromm founded positive thinking based upon teachings of Anton Mesmer, and this was extended by such people as Norman Vincent Peale and Robert Schuller to an extreme focus on self-esteem and disregard for Scriptural truth.

Emile Coue was a French psychotherapist and pharmacist. He was born in 1857 and died in 1926. Coue's study of hypnotism led him to the belief that auto-suggestion was able to effect cures in all cases and in 1910 he opened a clinic in Nancy to put his theories to the test.

New age practitioners and therapists of today like to point to Coue's words: "Choose what you will, then let your imagination bring it to you!" Sounds like the motto of today's psychotherapy crowd with their recovered memory deception.

Another quote from Emile Coue: When the imagination and will power are in conflict, are antagonistic, it is always the imagination which wins, without any exception.

Karl Gustaf Jung was an astrologer and involved himself in many seances so as to build his pseudoscience of myth and psychology. He believed all roads led to the same destination. Jung was about as occultic as a man can get and still is adored by many in the church.

Abraham Maslow attended seances seeking communication with the dead.

So did Carl Rogers

So did Jung, the spook chasing, godless philosopher who broke with Freud to form his own group.

Albert Ellis is an atheist who believes Christianity to be pathological and a sign of mental illness. He uses a cognitive approach-also writes books advising married couples how to cheat on their spouses. Amazingly, many in christian psychology circles still believe they can sift through what this man recommends to find the good and not be affected by his evil. Have they forgotten the biblical admonition that says, Bad company corrupts good morals.

Erik Fromm was an atheist who invented the concept of "unconditional love." There is only one thing wrong with unconditional love. It is a myth. What a man wishes is undying love according to the bible. This means we want love to be faithful, not necessarily accepting of our misbehavior. Acceptance of evil behavior only reinforces such behavior and produces a spoiled child who expects to have his own way. Discipline involves loving the child and yet not accepting his behavior until it meets certain standards.

The love offered by therapists is primarily flattery, and that for monetary gain. Fromm mocked fathers for their "conditional love." He assumed mothers have unconditional love. One can witness the violence in our society which is a result of this "unconditional love" which is nothing more than permissiveness and sentimentality. Real love must sometimes confront.

The bible says the father who loves his children will discipline them and use the rod of correction. A person who loves his child cannot allow that child to remain a rebel. The principle of authority is too important and the way of a rebel is so very hard. An undisciplined child is very unlovely. If the father fails to administer the rod of reproof, other authorities in their adult lives may not have as much loving restraint.

God's love is a mystery. Certainly, God does not give unconditional acceptance to sinners. If they reject his Son, He will reject them.

Love gives people what they need, not what they want. The wounds of a friend are faithful, while an enemy multiplies kisses. Many men claim to show undying love, but where is the truth?

How can any worldly philosophy created by godless men and women be integrated with the Word of God? Why do so many Christians still try to bring psychology into the church and attempt to live their lives by it? Why do they attempt to solve their problems with such godless worldly wisdom?

Paul said there would come a time when people had itching ears. They would no longer put up with sound doctrine but would gather around themselves false teachers.

Paul also warned us not to be taken captive by hollow philosophy which is the teaching of men. Rather we are told to rely upon the Word of God. Why settle for a mess of pottage when we have the Wonderful Counselor?

Psychotherapy and its unproven theory has become a false religion for millions. It has even become a destructive cult. Those ensnared follow their therapists into idolatry instead of obeying the Word of God which can set them free. Until one comes to rely upon the Word of God as being wholly sufficient, one remains ensnared in false doctrines of demons.

Shouldn't the shepherds warn their flocks about psychological wolves in sheep's clothing who are devouring the lambs?

The opinions expressed on this site are those of Enemy of the People. The author took this nom de plume from the play of that same name by playwright Henrik Ibsen. The reader is urged to read this short work to acertain why the author believes this pen name to be relevant.

"Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?"
Paul the Apostle
Galatians 4:16 KJV

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