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Hell is for Children

By Krystal Love

Copyright 2005


This book is dedicated to any adult who is a survivor of child abuse and neglect. It is appalling that in the 21st century people still continue to abuse their children, but sadly, it is a very common phenomenon, which is happening more and more often. What is even more disturbing is the fact that much of the abuse is witnessed by others, who just look the other way, saying that they do not want to get involved.

If anyone is incredulous as to why we have so many rapists and murderers in our society, they only need to look at the way we raise our children to find the answers to such questions. When we hit children, we are sending out two very clear messages. The first message is that love hurts, and the second is that violence is a perfectly acceptable way to behave.

When we teach children that love hurts and love and pain are one in the same, we forcing them to form very negative, abusive, and destructive relationships as adults. When we teach children that violence is a perfectly acceptable way to solve problems then we are creating future adults who will go out into the world and use violence in their personal and professional lives, believing that it is a perfectly acceptable way to solve problems. Many of these very damaged adults, who were abused and neglected as children, will go on to commit rape, murder, and other abuses of power, because that is the only way they have ever learned to relate to other beings. The more respectable abusers in our world will use their power and influence to create wars and strife, which was the cause of two world wars and countless other military operations.

When we hit an adult, we are guilty of assault and as a consequence are subject to criminal charges. When we hit a child, however, we call such behaviour discipline, and we do not usually suffer any repercussions whatsoever, except for perhaps the anguished look in our child's eye, as he or she wonders how someone who professes to love us can harm us so. Why, I wonder, is that so? Why does society have different laws for hitting adults than they have for hitting children? Why is it an offence to hit an adult, but it is not an offence to hit a child? Why are we failing to protect the most vulnerable and most fragile people in our society, our children? These are very important questions that need to be addressed before we can evolve on this earth as a race of intellectual beings.

It is a well known fact that Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Saddam Hussein all came from brutal families, and history is a clear indicator of the damage they caused to the people of our Earth. How many more children, therefore, will we abuse who will also become killers on a pandemic level, before we come to the conclusion that hitting our children is not a right and proper way to act towards people who we brought into this world and profess to love?

Kindest regards,
Krystal Love