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one two freddy's coming  for you

three four better lock the door
  five six grab a crucifix
seven eight better stay up late
nine ten never sleep again…….


For the community of _aura_grande_

                            DON'T TURN THEM INTO GHOSTS !!!
                               RESPECT THE ENVIORNMENT !!

The Desert Kit Fox is endangered due to loss of habitat, deliberate poisoning and a myriad of other manmade causes such as death by automobile.
Strictly nocturnal, the fox is sometimes obliged to search for road kill on highways to survive.  The foxes eyes reflect  the headlights of oncoming cars and trucks. If you see one mesmerized by your headlights simply brighten or dim your lights to break his concentration. Sometimes decelerating to change the sound of your vehicle will work as well.
Please don't  run him over if at all possible.



I had the pleasure of working in a night club from 1993 to 2001.  During that time I had the opportunity to take many pictures.  I started there as the cameraman, strictly a title that was honorary, and ended up as manager.  I took many pictures with anomalies in them so this is the first one of a series of pictures.
This picture was taken after hours with a Canon AE1 with flash on auto exposure.  I never noticed the object until years later when I was looking through some of the pics I had taken.
When I first realized what this was I had a great feeling of awe and apprehension.  I always had the feeling that the building was haunted but this was the first time I actually saw something tangible.  It takes all my concentration to take a picture through my own personal aura. You can see evidence of my aura on the left side of the picture.  So it's no wonder I didn't see what was revealed in the mirror.  The white vertical line over his left shoulder is the joint between two mirrors.  This photo is un-retouched.
Even now years later when I look at this picture I'm spooked.

Off duty bouncer with entity revealed in mirror behind him

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