vs. Savannah Jade



One more time, please.

Heavy, intense laughter fills the dark room.

Please, I have been a very bad boy and I need to be punished.

The lights pop on and there sits Sean Fuller; bound to an electric chair.

It feels so good, you should really try it, but I digress.

Sean proceeds to giggle as he wiggles around in his seat for a moment.

I wasn't a good boy, Ms. Jade.  I am being punished for the wrong I have committed, but you should not worry oh sweet and precious.

Sean snickers.

You have nothing to worry about because this... all of this...

He swings his head around from left to right, and as far back as he can stretch.

Ms. Jade, you deserve me at my best and that is the reason for all of this.  Here I am trying to be only part of who I am.  When I hold back, who is that good for, Ms. Jade?  So don't worry, my lovely wife and I are going to make sure this never happens again.  Then you and everyone else I will ever face will get to take me on in my full glory.

Sean wiggles around once again.

The two of us are going to be fast friends at Evolution Sixty-Nine.

Shrugging his shoulders, Sean giggles.

I was a bad- bad boy and I need punishment.  That is the only way I comeback to being exactly who I have been and exactly who I need to be in order to add championships-

Stopping suddenly, Sean proceeds to shake himself as though he is being electrocuted.  He just sits there, eyes closed as though he is barely breathing.  His eyes shoot open and he smiles ear-to-ear.

Nope, no adding championships because when have I ever cared about championships?  I win them and I throw them in the trash or maybe the nearest ocean, but once again I digress.

Sean sighs.

Why did I even get into this business to begin with, Ms. Jade?

He questions, pausing for a moment after.

The only thing I know how to do is hurt people and hurt people good.  I did not get into this business to win matches, titles, or anything else except for hurting people and that is exactly what I am going to do.

Leaning his head back, Sean just laughs- laughs- and laughs more and more!

You are going to be hurt and there will be nothing the official referee will be able to do about it.  You are going to bleed and the referee will just have to watch in horror.  Who knows, Ms. Jade, I might just string you up and crack a whip through your flesh and relish in your screams.  What are you going to do about it?  What can you do about it?"

Once again, Sean questions and just sits there for a moment; a smile on his face.

You are going to take it and you are going to eventually learn to love and appreciate it when it's all said and done because suffering is what we all live for.  Pain is why we even get out of bed every single morning.

The door to the room and Celeste enters in teal scrubs.  She tightens the restraints and puts a gag in his mouth.  Celeste leaves Sean to his lonesome in the room and proceeds to walk down the hallway.

Forgive my client and husband, Ms. Jade.  As you can tell something inside of him is starting to crumble and what you are seeing is the result, but I am sure that will not spill over into your match with him.  Surely, someone will step in if things get too far and a little too messy for an Evolution Broadcast, but if it doesn't then you need to prepare just incase, but then again how could you?  I vowed to be with him through sickness and in health.  I vowed to remain by his side through the absolute worse.  Ms. Jade, this is not my husband and client at his worst.  Sure, he is getting there and continues to do so with every week that passes.  You heard him though, he doesn't care whether he officially beats you, as long as he hurts you and causes you immense pain.  You will be the messenger and in your debut match!  Welcome to the CWF, who the Hell did you piss off?  How could they have known though?  They will know and you will help them to know.  So best of luck surviving Savannah Jade and best of luck in all of your future endeavors and that whole drinking through a straw for the rest of your miserable life because you are the first, but you will not be the last.  Trust Me.