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Coffee Resources
A collection of important links to all things coffee!

Commercial Websites
These are sites by commercial parties who make a living in today's coffee industry!

Sweet Maria's--The ultimate resource for green coffee beans, home roasting equipment and supplies for the home roaster located in the USA. premiere community site for the coffee and espresso enthusiast. Post in the user forums, read the product reviews or simply enjoy a multitude of enlightening articles on today's coffee scene. Sign up is free and easy! Interested in home espresso? Home-Barista is a great community site for the home espresso lover regardless of skill level. Register for free and join in the great discussions or read any of the expert articles on every aspect of home espresso.

RK Drums--Mr. Ron Kyle has created and produces for sale to home roasters the finest coffee roasting drum that will fit most any rotisserie gas grill. Along with ordering information his site is host to wide array of home roasting knowledge and unsurpassed customer support for his products. If you can't/won't pan roast then get a RK Drum! You can see my RK Drum set-up here! very unique community site with its emphasis on green coffee trading among home coffee roasters. Register for free and trade your green beans for others green beans or simply join in on the discussions in the community forums. famous (among coffee lovers) group, is a huge forum board all about coffee that covers a lot of topics some of which aren't really even about coffee! You will just have to see it for yourself. Register for free! great site about the many facets of today's coffee and espresso industry brought to you by the Coffee Research Institute.

Specialty Coffee Association of America--"The SCAA is the trade association for the Specialty Coffee industry, one of the fastest-growing food industries in the world. Specialty Coffee, sometimes called "gourmet" or "premium" coffee, is grown in the world's most ideal coffee-producing climates and prepared according to exacting standards. One of the SCAA's primary functions is to set the industry's standards for growing, roasting and brewing. Members of the SCAA include coffee retailers, roasters, producers, exporters and importers, as well as manufacturers of coffee equipment and related products."

Private Websites
These sites were created by those, who like me, have a passion for coffee and the know-how to make their claim on the world wide web!

Coffee Link Central--A great site constructed by Chris A (sumocomputers). A hub for a wide variety of coffee links diving into all aspects of the drink and it's many stages of preparation.

The Coffee FAQ--Perhaps the most comprehensive coffee FAQ I have ever seen. You have questions; the coffee FAQ has the answer! Updated regularly, check it often!

How to Pan Roast Coffee

Want a less manual roasting set-up with a MUCH larger batch size?
My RK Drum Set-up!