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The Legend of Wade Boggs

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Famous Boggs Lawsuit

PTI Interview with Boggs about 64 Beers

PTI Breaking the News of Boggs Accomplishment

Article including a reference to Boggs imitating Wizard of Oz characters

Wade's Good Friend Mr. T with a Mother's Day Message

"Lets Just Say it Was a Couple of Miller Lites"

The Legend of Wade Boggs is has traveled from some humble dorm rooms in Alliance Ohio, and Washington PA, to a larger market in Pittsburgh PA. It was there on ESPN's College Gameday on November 8,2003 that people began to understand what a significant figure Wade Boggs really is. Only a few short days later Kornheiser and Wilbon cemented the legend of Boggs by making reference to his beer drinking prowess on their show Pardon the Interruption. Boggs allegedly drank 64 beers on a cross country flight from Boston to Los Angeles. Jim Rome has made reference to this drinking binge, but claims the figure to be closer to 72.

New Boggs News:

First of all the originators of Boggsfest (the beard wearing, vomiting contest that occurred on December 12, 2001 and will be celebrated yearly) would like to extend their warmest congratulations to Wade on his Hall of Fame induction. To all the people who want to come up with cheesy knock off signs such as Charlie Weis once ate 64 cheeseburgers, or Lee Corso once did 64 whippets, Bullshit.  


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