Psychological warfare tactics are being used against unsuspecting citizens to destroy their jobs, their families and their lives. The perpetrators will stop at nothing. Their objective is to utterly destroy a person, very often resulting in a person taking his or her own life, or ending up in a mental hospital. This has been taking place for years and nothing is ever said about it. Nothing is ever written about it. For the sake of those who came before us, and those who come after us, the world needs to know what is happening.

For many people, this comes out of nowhere. They don't know whose toes they stepped on in order to warrant such a brutal attack. For others who are whistleblowers, they know full well how they garnered such attention. For some, they don't even realize that they are the targets of an orchestrated attack to destroy their lives. Some of it can be so subtle that it is difficult to tell. But for others, the attacks can be blatant and obvious, leaving no doubt that something unspeakable and devastating is happening.

What makes this crime so heinous is that the most sophisticated techniques of psychological warfare are employed against a person in order to make them look like they are crazy. Friends and family members don't believe the things that are happening and often believe the targeted person is crazy. Well, if you're reading this and you're a target, you're not crazy. And you're not alone. Due to the courageous efforts of some targets to begin to make this known to the public, we are able to network with one another and begin the arduous process of healing in the midst of rape. We are vulnerable when we are alone, but we are far less vulnerable as a group.

I have created two websites which go into detail on two aspects of this terrorist activity. One aspect deals with the gang stalking part of it, which targets experience to varying degrees. This involves stalking by a multitude of individuals both on foot and while you're in the car. Known as "street theatre" by those who experience it, it involves vandalism to house, car and personal property. Gang stalking can also be referred to as cause stalking, vengeance stalking and multi-stalking.

Some people also experience electronic harassment. This is extremely distressing, painful and invasive, and feels like one's mind and body is undergoing constant rape, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The technology used to do this is unknown, but hundreds of victims report the same physical sensations and experiences. Many take their lives in an attempt to escape the horror. It is so distressing that only fellow targets can really understand what another target is experiencing.

In either case, the attacks are so well orchestrated that only the victim is aware of them. This is intentional, and it appears that these groups have perfected these techniques over many years. Mistakes are rarely made, and clearly the perpetrators are successful at what they do, since new targets are completely bewildered as to what is happening to them, having never heard a peep out of the media about such occurrences (except in relation to mental illness). Their actions are based on many of the same tactics as those employed in ritual abuse, and are designed to weaken the target's mind.

However, there is hope. We have an ability to network with one another that we have never had before. Also, rape crisis centres are aware of the gang stalking aspect of this crime. The numbers of targets are increasing, and given the questionable reasons for many people's harassment, it can only be concluded that the perpetrators are becoming increasingly addicted to this game of predator/prey, always needing more targets to satisfy their unending thirst for a thrill. However it was that this kind of behaviour began, it has since evolved into a well-oiled game for the perpetrators.

I am a Christian and a target. I don't know why I was targeted. I don't know who is behind it. I deal with the specific details of each aspect of this crime in my other two websites and It is my deep felt conviction that this is part of biblical prophesy. Because not all people understand or are interested in that facet of what is happening, this website was created in order to look at the spiritual and emotional side of this situation.

For me,the spiritual meaning of life has always been the most important, but for a long time after I learned the truth about what is happening to me, my faith left me. I focused on the facts and only the facts because I couldn't understand where God was in all of this. My website Electronic Harassment came out of that. Many people have expressed gratitude that the website covers the material that has been so difficult to cover in a simple and believable way. It is God who allowed that to take place. It is God who kept me sane and grounded, despite the unbearable despair and pain I felt. It is God who gave me the motivation and inspiration to do something despite the overwhelming urge to curl up in a ball and die.

And even though I didn't know what to do to make my faith come back, and I feared that it would be lost forever, somehow, slowly, it came back. And now I need to write about the things I have learned through this. It isn't as much as I would have hoped - it is still slow going, and the pain and despair ebb and flow, but I seem to make it through each day.

I plan now to write what I've learned, in a sort of book form. I don't think I could get a book published about this, but that isn't the point. The point is to talk about it from the heart in order to heal, and to share those heart thoughts with others so they can perhaps heal as well. I have a mailing list in my other website, and recipients have told me repeatedly that my words bring them hope. Some on my list have not appreciated my spiritual thoughts - I'll leave it at that! Since it is the spiritual that I am now going to focus on, I've decided to do it exclusively here instead of through the other mailing list.

I created this website before I "knew" what I was going to do with it. So the extent of my "plan" is now laid before you. I will write - about me, about my past leading up to my present, about my thoughts on where God and evil fit into this, and about the holocaust that is sweeping through the lives of people without a sound. I will post the "book" online for those who wish to read it.

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