"The Use of Psychotronic Weapons"

"What everyone should know"

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Definition of psychotronic (psycho-physical) weapons.

Psychotronic Weapons (PF- weapons) this is the totality of all possible methods and means (techno-genic, suggestive, pharmacological, paranormal, complexes, and others) of hidden, forced influences on the psyche of a person for the purpose of modifying his consciousness, behavior and health for what is desired in the way of influencing aspects of control..."


Second definition of psychotronic weapons (as an epigraph): "Applications in military and for antisocial purposes are possibilities also for knowledge of psychotronics, its means, methods, systems, 'generators', and there is the path for the transformation of the humanitarian, essential attributes of life and society in the weapons. These are also psychotronic weapons. This is not only dangerous, this is deadly!"

Types of Weapons:

Electromagnetic Weapons
Microwave Weapons
Non-Lethal Weapons
ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) Weapons
Directed Energy Weapons
Acoustic Weapons
Psychotronic Weapons
RF (Radio Frequency) Weapons
Soft Kill Weapons
Less-Than-Lethal Weapons

How it affects (Physical & psycho-physical damages):

Physical damage, visible results achieved at the moment of influence.

* burns, pricks, cuts, wounds (ray weapons, laser)
* bleeding into the brain (laser ray with energy pulses of 40 joules) and on the skin energy in pulses: 3 - 100 joules)
* Blindness in the eyes, loping of eyelashes (laser ray)
* loss of memory (influence of frequency of up to 100Hz. and a reduction to 5 Hz.)
* destruction of the vestibulary [inner ear] apparatus, spatial orientation
* symptoms of [***] [with a large exposure and strength, paralysis (UBCh) in the area of the beginning of the spinal column
* irregular sleeping, heart-beating
* numbness of the hands; at night, cramping of the legs
* sharp decrease in hemoglobin, micro-burns to the skin, ionization of the blood and body fluids, an increase in the deterioration rate of clothing material, photographic material [illuminating], (thermal-electronic emissions from lamps in the room with the feeding units of electrical networks and fittings of the wall, [...]
* vibrations (separate organs can vibrate: the heart, kidneys, etc.), [...] (from
* vibrational technologies)
* pressure, coolness of the skin
* feelings of non-specific fear and panic (from the weapons) [...] tremors, tapping, destruction of fragile objects from the waves, from the impulses and from other manifestations of technological poltergeist

Psycho-physical damage depending on intensity and duration of effects. Damage in the physical sphere (up to programmed premature death).

Stage I.

* changes in the blood (early signs)
* overheating substances especially and increase in crystallization, leading to cataracts (early sign)
* ill reactions along the path of the bio-energetic potential from the effects [... ]
* prickly sensations, tremors to the muscles of the feet
* aggravation of chronic illnesses
* internal bleeding (nose, stomach, gynecological)
* auditory tones of various frequencies
* sharp pain in the internal ear
* dull pains in the area behind the ears
* internal trembling, vibrations
* head pain in the temple and a warmness in that area, pain in the eye-sockets
* likelihood of miscarriage, an increase of 80% for chances of premature births, anomalous
* development of the fetus, often with defective brains

Stage II.

* "radio-sound" effect (before this is long-conducted the resonance-loosening of spinal and brain fluids at the frequency of 2-10 Hz. for maintaining the fluids of theskull and brain in stimulation
* steady reactions to all aspects of coding
* lowering of energy (observed with irradiation at the frequency carrying frequencies of ~780 Hz.and amplitude modulation ~71 Hz.)
* aggravation of dermatosis
* eye pains (cataracts, asymmetry in lenses of the eyes, puffiness [?] of the retinas )
* aggravation of the course of chronic illnesses
* destruction of the functions of the kidneys, liver, organs of digestion, circulatory system, bleeding in gingivae, gums, peridontal and others
* gauntness
* "sand" in the eyes, burning sensation, loss of hair, brittleness of nails
* compression pain in the heart fits of coughing
* changes of the color of the face (bronze shading of the skin)
* asymmetrical puffiness of the face
* disfiguration of the face, the intentional emaciation of separate muscles, cartilage
* syndromes of destruction to the external nerves of the thighs
* impotence

Stage III.

* destruction of the brain, irreversible changes to the structure of the brain (academician V.P. Vekhtereva)
* irreversible processes in the muscle material, in the bones of the skull, and in the structures of neurons "..minimalization of life" --external reaction to EMP appears as an illness, up to heavy, sharp, chronic, organic pathological processes (academician V.P. Kaznacheev)
* "..the entire speeding up of the aging process, sclerosis, oncogenesis (academician V.P. Kaznacheev)
* destruction of bio-chemical processes in the cells with distrophic changes in the organs (academician V.P. Kaznacheev)
* destruction of the cell membranes, chemical connections in the cells -leading to leukemia, cancer of the brain and prostate gland, breast cancer, (even with weak EMP, but of long duration "...the genetic apparatus is altered..." (academician V.P. Kaznacheev)
* the reflex activities are destroyed
* the functioning of the hormonal system is destroyed
* [....] Parkinson's disease (trembling of the hands) and Alzheimer's disease (from changes in the production of the hormone melanin ([...] gland) that causes degenerative changes in substances at the molecular level disfunctions of the sino-atrial node of the heart (even with a low frequency)
* infarction, cerebral thrombosis, osteo-[*** ], peridontal, sugar diabetes
* allergies
* epilepsy (especially caused by the multiple-rapid stimulation by a weak, low frequency waves)
* hypertension, hypotension
* programmed or instantaneous (with the subjection to extreme effects -up to the border of deadly conditions) premature death --it is well known by the experimentors that cases of death do occur (academician V.P. Kaznacheev)
* a decrease and dying off of the population, humanity, mankind

Damage in the mental sphere (up to the point of insanity).
Stage I.

* manifestations of depression
* lowering in the interest in perceived information
* shortness of temper (irritability)

Stage II.

* steady depression
* lowering of abilities for analytical thinking, some worsening of the memory
* symptoms of chronic fatigue
* superficial nature of sleep
* higher incidents of conflicts

Stage III.

* confusion in the accounting of events in real life
* loss of ability for analytical thinking
* lowering and a loss of memory
* feelings of the lack of sleep
* indifference to personal external appearance [...]
* lowering of self-control from the deficit of the hormone seratonin due to SVCh irradiation
* suicide (as the experimentors "practice" provocation techniques)
* "...invisible weak fields ...their ignoring that they are carrying with them a deadly danger"... "...people simply start going crazy and nobody understands why..." (academician V.P. Kaznacheev)

"Consequences of effects of micro-leptonic generators are described by the leading developer in this area [from the] V. Lab. of Micro-leptonic Technologies D. Okhatryym: in 1982 there began extremely unpleasant things with the health our co-workers. At first, there arose their feeling unwell, then the loss of logic, then after this, the loss of spatial orientation. Finally, a breakdown of diseased [affected] organs. The coming out of this condition -and this includes myself -was achieved with great difficulty."

(in the book by Ju. Vorob'evskii" Knock at the Golden Gate, Moscow, 1999.

Manipulation with the memory.

* Erasure
* Blockage
* Recording of information needed by the experimentor
* training -"prompting" (after erasure)
* comparison,
* reproduction of picture a from a prior testing as though bifurcated [?]
* a shifting of the effective frequency up to 100 Hz. or a lowering to 5 Hz., with memory loss

Control of Stimulation in the brain.

* by states of consciousness (up to the loss of these)
* in sleep
* emotions
* intellectual capabilities
* attention
* speech
* activeness
* muscle tone
* stimulation of one and the same zone with stimulations of:
o 30 -40 mV- activization of attention, memory, movement;
o 60-70 mV- "emotiono-genic" effects

Different methods:

Types of Psychotronic, psychotropic and other Psy-Influences.

* radio-waves
* laser-irradiation
* infra-red irradiation
* ultra-violet irradiation UF
* x-ray irradiation
* gravitational fields
* torsional fields (hypothetical)
* leptonic and other fields

Acoustic Waves.

* infra-sonic (IZ) from 0 Hz. to 15-20 KHz.
* ultra-sonic(UZ) from 15-20 KHz. to 10**9 Hz. (ranges for IZ and UZ)

see more similar information in -Table 3

Formation of fields:

* electro-magnetic charge
* gravitational-mass
* torsional (surrounding spin fields) -spin, with any rotating body
* micro-leptonic energy (in free aspect) -[over-abundance of stable particles]?

Operator is secretly brought in, or in a secret installation nearby

BG: Biogenerator (could be tomography)
A: Antenna (irradiation and reception)
D: operator for the gathering of information, transmission and control
ZU: reminding sytem on a magnetic strip, holographic
BIP: bio-informational [...]
KC: channel connections (IK, radio, telephone, telegraph)
E: screen display
O: operator
SP: light pen with which the operator indicates on the screen, the point of influence


Stress systems and methods of harassment.

* slander
* gestures, hand movements, expressions, tests, practical "jokes"
* taking off what is needed for the eyes (vision) [?]
* psychological pressure through family, neighbors or surrounding people, vehicle drivers
* discrediting: along 5 directions (often with the involvement of the police)
o irresponsibility
o spy
o drug dealer
o vagrant
o accomplice in a crime (in an alleged crime)
* torture, assault
* blackmail, threats
* attempts on their lives with PTOs
* death to someone close or in immediate surrounding life
* murder

Stages of Zombification (Substitution of consciousness with external control).

* programming, modeling of a cybernetic double
* conducting of programs according to non-differentiation of a proper and artificial "I"-"Not-I"
* extreme influencing, stress, harassment, irradiation, special-preparations [substances], chemicals
* taking to the limits of mental and physical capacities (survivability)
* loss of will, memory
* shutting off of his own consciousness
* replacement of consciousness with the control from his cybernetic twin