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Scott Rose Games - London

We began the day with a very nice win over HDI 32-19. Next, came another impressive win over Team Inferno Worth 19-12. Next in line was the Eastern KY Merchants who were beaten by 21-5. Bond came next in the Winner's Bracket Final. Bond hit it very well and we did not play up to par, loss #1. Sitting and waiting was rough this night because of the cold and we ended up meeting a very hot B&B Verns, loss #2. We ended the weekend 3rd finishing behind two very good times. Our hitting was on and off all weekend long. We ended up 3-2.

The weekend MVP would have to be Scott Crook. Scott was 16 for 20 for an .800 avg. He also hit 3 HR and had 14 runs scored and 14 RBIs. Scott Rose stats are below.Tony Hoover also had a great weekend at the plate going 12 for 16 for a .750 clip.

PlayerHitsAt BatsAverageHomerunsRuns ScoredRBI
Jimmy Mills1320.65031111
Scott Crook1620.80031414
Will Daniels1219.6323108
Kevin Bays1118.611195
Jody Mouser717.412148
Matthew Singleton917.529368
Bryan Wilkerson1017.588092
Tony Hoover1216.750065
Cecil Mills914.643053
Ralph Halcomb815.533065