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My Current Obsessions

What is My Current Obsessions?
Glad you asked this is a page I just created (as of June 28, 2003) to accomedate my random and sometimes obscure obsessions.

What will this page consist of?
I hope to have this page consist of pictures, links and, of course, my senseless ramblings about these obsessions.

What will the obessions be?
The obsessions can and will be anything from a current Actor to a new pet I just bought/found/thought about.
If you have any questions please e-mail them to me at: or leave them in my guestbook:

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Now enough of this rambling on to my current obsessions!

Septemer 12, 2003 Obsessions

Sara Lee Cheesecake Bites are soooo good. I'm eating one now.

KISS Acrylic Nail Kit - I found this on sale at Wal-mart for $7.00 and me being a nail polish freak had to buy it. It worked pretty well. The white tips looked professonal. Since I really didn't know what I was doing though they started to come off my natural nail. So I took them all off in class last night, partially from frustration and I put a new set on with clear tips so I had to paint them.
They wear very well, I'm very hard on my nails being a dog groomer I'm in water all the time and I smack my hands on everything. I'm a bit clumsy too.

August 18, 2003 Obsessions

Air Conditioning and clean water, I finally have both back!!!!
Read all about why here: Blackout 2003

Need some humor? Jokes I've Collected

August 4, 2003 Obsessions

I made a new page for jokes to go. Jokes If you have any you'd like to see up there please e-mail them to me at

July 25, 2003 Obsessions

Lansing, Ill. is definatly not a town I'd want to live in.
Hotels in Lansing
Things to do in Lansing?
Me and a friend of mine are stuck in Lansing Ill. for our dog grooming school.
(Yes I'm a dog groomer. Yes I recommend it if and only if you love dogs and don't mind seeing them every single day until the day you die and if you can handle the soap opera that is groom life.)
But anyway Lansing Illinois has made the list of my never to live in cities. It's a 4 hour drive from my house to Lansing (6 with Chicago traffic). And at one point 3 lanes of traffic is cut down to one lane....what the heck is that???!!!! I know it's bridge work and all and I'm not mad at them I'm mad the idiots (you know who you are) who are too stupid to merge when they first see the signs that say left 2 lanes closed!!! If you guys did that then we wouldn't be stuck in traffic for an hour!!!
***big breath***
As you can tell I'm horribly stressed. I've probably caught the West Nile virus and I had to work all week, which being a groomer I'm not used too. (I usually work 3 days in a row and have a day off) I just keep repeating "Just 2 more weeks, just 2 more weeks."

July 12, 2003 Obsessions - this has got to be the wierdest site. Thank for helping me find it.

I also saw Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Perl last night. Great movie, I LOVED Johnny Depp in it. It had just the right amount of action, gore, and humor to keep me very entertained.

July 9, 2003 Obsessions

I've been reading Harry Potter fan fiction sites, mainly Serevus Snape ones. I did come across an interesting fact Gary Oldman will be playing Sirius Black in the new movie. Oldman is a wonderful actor, but he wasn't really what I pictured Black looking like, but then again I never ever would have thought of Alan Rickman as Snape, but he did a wonderful job at it.
If you get bored and want to read some fan fiction (besides mine down there) this site has a lot of them. And also a lot of Snape obsessed kids.
Severus Snape Stories
And if your wondering who the heck is Gary Oldman; here are a few sites I've found:
Gary Oldman
CBBC Newsround | Potter Actors - you can read a little about each actor in the Harry Potter Movies.

July 4, 2003 Obsessions

I just wrote a little Harry Potter Fan Fiction. It's far from done, but you can check it out here: My Fan Fiction.
I hope you enjoy it I need to get to bed now!!

July 1, 2003 Obsessions

For some wierd reason I keep getting drawn back to this site:
I think it might have something to do with the pretty neat looking picture the girl took while on her broom one morning. After you get into the site click on the book to the left and scroll down the right side and you'll see the picture.

June 30, 2003 Obsessions

Yes I am on the Hogwarts Express to Harry Potter Psychosis, which is what I'm sure they will soon call the disease. This disease includes, but is not limited to:

1) Waiting in long, long lines of people muttering "Lousy muggles" in hopes to get at least a glimps of the new book.

2) Driving home like a mad-man/woman after buying the book, a bag full of Chocolate Frogs and Berty Botts Every Flavor Beans, just to be able to sit down and read the book.

3) Neglecting every animal in your household because you just have to know what secret Hagrid will slip to Harry next, or what nasty remark Professor Snape will say in next potions class.

4) Knowing who Hagrid and Professor Snape are and gritting your teeth with anger at the mear mention of Snape's name.

5) You wouldn't dare mention You-Know-Who's name in public for fear they'd carry you off to St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. And you gasp every time Harry says the name.

6) Reading the symptoms above and flushing with embarassment as all 4 Harry Potter books sit by your computer.

7) Knowing that number 6 had a typo and that there are acctually 5 Harry Potter books.

8) Reading number 7 and becoming very proud of knowing more than a common muggle.

June 28, 2003 Obsessions
This site is too funny, those with a weak tolerance to icky stuff beware!

I found that site via I love I visit it every day it's definatly a high point in the work day. (shows how low my work day can get huh?) My fiance is sick of hearing me start out conversations with "I found this site today...." He always rolls his eyes and mutters something under his breath, but usually by the end of my talking he's interested.