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ESP is most commonly called the "sixth sense." It is sensory information that an individual receives which comes beyond the ordinary five senses sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. It can provide the individual with information of the present, past, and future; as it seems to originate in a second, or alternate reality.

It's been a question asked for decades: Do animals have ESP?

Horses are thinkers, thereís no doubt.

Conversations with them are simple and straightforward. They say what they mean, and they mean what they say.

Horsemen have always talked with and thought with their horses.

Horses are unique in that they are the only domesticated animal that evolution has set up for flight and the horse's sensory system is acutely organized for heightened awareness. This extra sensory perception is the key to a horse's ability to transport a person to a place where one feels safe, loved and whole.

"A lot of the unusual phenomena that deals with animal ESP can be explained as something else," Beaver says. "Humans and animals may or not may have ESP, but the scientific proof is still not there yet."

Though some people, including scientists, think horses have a sixth sense. There are a few reasons for believing this. Horses can mysteriously find their way back home when in a strange place, miles away. They can sense the approach of a storm or other natural disturbance too. They seem to know when the vet is on his way before heís even at the barn.

Henry Blake, an English author, has studied, observed, recorded, tested and re-tested horse conversations, which he has turned into a dictionary in his book, Talking With Horses.
According to Blake, there are 47 basic messages and 54 sub messages, usually connected with sound. However, he says, some messages are conveyed solely by signs. His work of identifying and listing horse messages is very useful and a solid contribution to the understanding and care of horses, but maybe his most important offering is that on extrasensory perceptions and telepathy.
Blake offers a number of experiments as examples of mind communication between man and horse.

Too many people already think love and kisses and good mental vibes will conquer all problems. There is much more to it than that, and the number of serious injuries to horse-huggers proves it.

Horses, with a perfect understanding of horse talk, donít rush in where angels fear to tread. And thatís telling you something. You donít just decide one day that mental communication with horses is all you need to be a great trainer or rider. First you have to learn to correctly halter a horse. Some horsemen, after years, never learn it.

Look at earthquakes. Many animals can sense an earthquake before the first windows in a building start shaking. But what they are feeling are actually pre-tremors and the ground moving - they can detect it before we can because they feel it. In earthquakes, where tremors don't occur often, it's been noted that animals don't seem to sense what is coming.

Likewise, many animals - especially horses and cattle - can sense a thunderstorm before it occurs.

When it comes to helping people some pets are genuinely gifted. Dogs and cats have been known to alert some people when a seizure is about to begin.
It's common for animals to sense a seizure in their owners, and some dogs can even be trained to warn a person of an impending seizure.
Dogs are very aware of what is normal and not normal behavior in their owners. It's in their animal nature to 'save the pack,' and pets consider their owners as part of their animal pack. What they are doing in a case like a fire is showing concern for their own pack members, which happen to be people.

The greatest barrier to the understanding of any animal is anthropomorphism, that is to say, attributing human personality and behavior to animals.

Horses are not humans. They shouldnít be treated as such; itís degrading to them.

Yet, in an effort to help all horsemen, Iím afraid he makes his understanding and accomplishments dangerously simple. Beware the offer of instant results, gimmicks, special equipment and the magic solution. They offer the same in-depth assistance as declaring, "Riding is easy. Just keep a leg on each side."

Famous Experimental Embarrassments in the History of Science: Clever Hans, the Horse that Could Count!

When conducting experiments on a particularly smart horse in 1907, the German psychologist Oskar Pfungst became convinced that a horse he had encountered, quickly nicknamed Clever Hans, was arithmetically gifted.
This extraordinary horse could count, add, subtract, multiply, and divide. Hans was also good at fractions and even had musical abilities. Hans made his calculations and tapped the answer with his foot on the ground. This truly was an amazing horse!!
Experimentation turned out to be particularly effective and interesting in this case. The horse turned out to be really smart, but did not have mathematical abilities.

Stories of Your Horses ESP

Please email me if you have any stories of ESP that your horse has shown you as I would love to display them on here. Below you will find my very own and very true story of the time Caleesto read my mind.

Caleesto has always had a thing with her rug. She prefers to be ruggless, which is understandable but gets a rug in winter as it gets cold. Anyway when ever I touch her rug to straighten it she will put her head down and grind her teeth but she wont do anything she puts up with it. I told a friend oneday about this and she is a person who believed that she could do anything with caleesto. So I gave her the chance to prove it telling her to straighten Caleesto's rug. She was ok, thats easy I can do that. In my mind I was thinking please don't let her touch your rug, over and over without even realising that Caleesto was picking up my thoughts. My friend touched Caleesto's rug to straighten in and Caleesto turned her rump and kicked out at her before spin ning back and flattening her ears and charging my friend. My friend turned herself and bolted to the fence with Caleesto after her snapping her teeth while I stood on in absolute amazement at the change in Caleesto. Caleesto is not a vicious horse and she has never attacked anyone like that before. She will turn to kick if she is scared of someone as she was hurt by a farrier and vet as a baby and they scared her to the stage that for a long time she was scared of males, and still even now she is weary of vets and farriers. But she has never ever attacked one even when they hurt her, she would fight to get away never intentionally set out to hurt them like she did that day. It totally amazed me. It is only now that I am researching ESP in animals and that that it actually dawned on me that she not only read my mind, but she understood what i was saying, and then took it into her own mind to set out and follow me in her own way. Just the past few days I have started concerntrating on her and in my mind calling her name and she seems to hear me and a couple of times she has looked up and straight at me ears pricked. I am going to start working on seeing how far her ability reaches.

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