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Parkview Neighborhood, Atlanta Georgia, Dekalb County

Welcome to the Parkview Neighborhood's web site. This site is temporary until we can develop a more comprehensive site. Parkview is located in Atlanta, GA, Unincorporated DeKalb County. The Parkview community is a quaint neighborhood comprised of 311 properties (287 Residential & 24 Commercial). We are located off the I-20 exit 61-B, in-between Memorial & Glenwood (see map below). Parkview is surrounded by the popular Kirkwood, East Atlanta, and East Lake neighborhoods. We believe Parkview has as much to offer as these other popular neighborhoods, however, due to our inconspicuous size, we are often overlooked. Also, since we are unincorporated DeKalb County, our average property taxes are twice as low as surrounding communities. For these reasons, Parkview homes are priced lower on average than surrounding communities. With property values rapidly rising for in-town Atlanta neighborhoods, our homes make an excellent investment. This is truly the perfect neighborhood for the 1st time homeowner. Parkview is located next to Charlie Yates Executive Golf Course. We are approximately 1 mile from the exclusive East Lake Country Club (host of a major PGA Tournament). Parkview is a great place to live, not only because of its friendly residents, but also for its convenience & amenities. Parkview even has an awesome park, DeKalb Memorial Park, which is our namesake. This park offers many benefits, including, 2 fields used for softball, football, soccer, or anything else you can imagine. The park also has great basketball and tennis courts, well maintained childrens playground, picnic grounds, seating areas for relaxing, along with a club house which is used for meetings and private events. All of this is built into a quiet, natural landscape. Parkview is 5 minutes from downtown Atlanta, and minutes from other many well known neighborhoods and business districts. Both newly constructed Publix Grocery store and Eastlake YMCA are 1/2 mile away. If you have any questions on Parkview, feel free to e-mail us @ Parkview has an active community organization, the Parkview Civic Club, Incorporated, which organizes neighborhood meetings, events, and many neighborhood improvement projects. The Parkview residents are very proud of their cozy neighborhood and we enjoy a low rate of crime as a result of the close knit, friendly community. If you are interested in becoming our neighbor, we welcome you with open arms. Parkview's Neighborhood Officers are:

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