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The Land
The People
The History
The village Community
The religion
The Priest
The Cremation
The Mount Agung
The Cosmic Force and Spiritual Harmony
The Offerings
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The Temple Ceremony
Nyepi and Galungan
The Cockfight and Toothfiling
The Dances
The Popular Tours
The Shoppings
The Balinese Food
The Future

The land
The People
The Flora
The Fauna
The Food
The Public Holidays
The Tourist Areas


Touring the island of Bali varies depending on your length of stay, specified interests, budget allowances, weathers, etc. Staying longer will enable to option to more tours, provided budget allowed. As more and more varied tours introduced by local tour operators to catch visitors interests, more and more new tour adventures come to being. Now you can option to tour on separate day to river raftings, visit to birds park, elephant museum, elephant riding even camel!, mountain bycycling, jungle trekkings and so forth.

Which tours to pick?
atlas.gifWith annual humidity which is relatively high ranging from 69% to 96%, it is easy to get sweat when you walk right under the heat of the sun. Sun blocks, hats, umbrella will come in handy. Casual, t-shirt, shorts will just be fine daily clothing. Visit to some places like, temple, government offices, police, immigration office, will require you to wear covered legs for adults. Sarongs usually hired in popular visited temples.

Bali as well as Indonesia, in general, is of two different seasons namely wet (raining) which started from October on and lasts to March, while April to September is, as a rule, dry, hot sun shining everyday.

Touring the island can off course be exercised on your own hired motor bike or rented daily car, provided you posses an international driving license. Local driving license which valid for one month and extendable can also be obtained after you pass some simple driving tests with the local police in Denpasar.temple_Pramabanan.jpg
pulau_ laut.jpgFor further information and detailed tours on the island you can contact your travel agencies, airline offices or surf the net. Next pages are some examples of popular tours for those who staying in the island for less than one week.

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