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There are more and more tourist destination areas opened by the goverment to tourist in the country by building all the necesseries infra and supra structures such as : airports, roads, hotels, restaurants etc., so that the new areas will be more accesible in the future. The major 11 are :

North Sumatra

The most ancient cultures are found here dating back to prehistoric periods which form the basis for the development of the province's rich culture and tradition. North Sumatra and adjacent islands have many site of interest, among others : Hilisamatano, a village on the island of Nias with ancient traditional houses; Sipisopiso Waterfall; Pematang Purba; a 200 years old village, famous for the houses of the tribal chiefs; Lake Toba, one of the lagest and highest inland lakes in the world; the island of Samosir in the middle of the lake Toba; Bawomataluwo village, 400 meters above sea level and accesible by 480 steps; and the great mosque in Medan, the capital.

West Sumatra

The home of the matrilineal Minangkabau is the charming land of West Sumatra. It's the region of the spectacular natural beauty. Scattered through its highland terrain are urgent lakes, suitable for saling, fishing and swiming. Whilst Bukittinggi is the province's loveliest city on the slope Bukit Barisan (Marching Mountains), about 80 Kms from the coastal capital of Padang. It's also rich in specialities such as hornshape museum, the magnificent Sianok Canyon, etc.


The capital of Indonesia, the city of more than 9 millon people on the island of Java is one of the major destination areas for foreign and domestic tourists. It's also the center of the country's government, trade and commerce. Jakarta is a living manifestation of Indonesian's past and present, reflecting the greater part of the nation's historic, cultural, political and economic aspect.


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