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In Marseille, France, a fellow who makes his living painting the exterior of shops and stores has been injured three times by falls from his ladder. "People were so busy looking into shop window," he explains, "That they didn't see my ladder and would accidentaly ram shopping carts and baby carriages into it."
Eventually the Frenchman resorted to putting this warning sign in front of his ladder : "Danger. Nude Painter Above."
"People certainly notice me now," he reports.

By WNS, in the Reader's Digest, February 1983.

The next time somebody tells you nothing is impossible, ask him to put his skis over his shoulder and and go through a revolving door.

Los Angeles Times Syndicate.

Edith and Norbert had a knock-down, drag-out battle over his inability to earn a better living. She told him he wasn't forceful enough in asking the boss for a raise.

"Tell him," she yelled,
"that you have seven children. You also have a sick mother, you have to sit up many nights, and you have to clean the house because you can't afford a maid."
Several days later, Norbert came home from work, stood before his wife and calmly announced that the boss had fired him.

"Why?" asked Edith.
"He says I have too many outside activities."

Adopted from The Larry Wilde Treasury of Laughter (Jester).

Late on the Net

I started my hand on computer first in 1997. The only thing I knew about computer was the word 'computer'. To some of you, it's early, to most, it's very late, I know, whatever... When I bought the computer, they thought I was the silliest guy in the neighborhoods. Am I going to be a professor or what? In general the new technology was not widely known by the society. Despite, I could have bought a second hand motor cycle of which is more useful, costs the same amount of money, that I could go to work on instead of going on foot or commuter for 3 Kms.

How are you doing today?


Two weeks later, the Indonesian economic collapsed, the cost of the same machine 10x more expensive. The first time in my life, by fortune, I understand the words you use to saying : you get what you paid for.


The computer technology known more amongst the well to do and university students for doing their researches, typing paper works, etc. and there wasn't much around and I don't remember if internet was involved. I didn't do much with my computer other than learning to type with Word, Excel and playing games.

It was only until 2 years a go (The year 2000) I had myself in touch with the internet. It was because, firstly the computer was not equiped with a modem, the cost of modem alone was not that expensive, and secondly the internet technology was not within your pocket's span.


Now after 2 years, the internet can not only be accesed cheaper from the public internet cafe down in the street's town but provided you have a telephone line at home, the activities of surfing the net can be done without subscribing with the private internet service provider where you have to pay extra separate bill. It is the Indonesian Telecommunication Office acts as your internet provider and provides the service with a fairly cheap extra fee. It's just like using the home telephone as usual with per minute extra charge of only Rp. 180! (US $ 1.00 is Rp.10.500).


Surfing the net has since opened my mind's horizon. There are so many to see and enjoy. There is a lot to learn. It's like subscribing the whole newspapers, magazines, books, etc. What was once unimagineable has now become real! Can you ever imagine seeing your favourite's artist naked and smile at you before your eyes?

What was once new has now become old and not fashioned anymore. Just like a guitar to a musician, it is not entirely the tool, but it's you that counts. My Pentium200 MMX still does the business well. As I spent more time with it, I learn a lot more new things. With the rapid changing development in IT, computer's hardwares, softwares and the internet, finally it took me out from rigid traditional society to modern and free world. The world where the good and the bad come together. The good and the bad, it's not the world but it's you that counts. Things which were once not to be seen because it's forbidden has now opened and it's free for anybody, anywhere, in the world to explore and to exploit.

To be able to get along well in vast and rapid changings in modern IT and to interact with you, I build up this simple site on my own, not solely to interact with the other fellow of my profession around the country or to world, but most of all, to exchange information, about anything at all, with all the internet users throughout the world. Until now look what this machine has brought me into.


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The factory where I work had just hired a new employee - a man in his early 20s. On the second day of employment, the young man came to work 45 minutes late. When asked why he was late, he replied quite seriously,

"I forgot I had a job."

By Nancy Sasser in the Reader's Dugest. June, 1993.

Unemployed, jobless...#%?*&!@#??

Try this , good luck and don't forget to thank Jeff Rios!

Job Pointer
Wear a smile.
One size fits all.

Orben's Current Comedy.
Once a wise guy was refused entry to a dance club for not wearing a tie. He went to his car, tied jumper cables around his neck and approached the club again.
said the bouncer,
"you can come in - but don't start anything."

Contributed by B. Potter, in the Reader's Digest, May, 1993.