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Baris Dance

A traditonal war dance, the Baris is full of vigour and dramatises the prowess of Balinese warrior. There are different variations of this dance, distinguished by the weapons carried by the dancers. It can be performed with spears, or swords, or bows, or lances, or traditional keris, or nothing at all (single Baris). The accompaniment is gamelan gongs. The skill and self control needed for this dance is considerable and the Balinese claim that a good Baris dancer is rare.


Jauk_dance.gifJauk Dance

This is a dance pantomime, where the mask male actor expresses the movement of a demon. The staring, hostile mask, the headdress with its long tangle hair, the spacial gloves with long, talon-like finger nails, and the violent movements of the dance create a powerful feeling of evil. The Jauk can be danced with any story and to dance it well is considered a great achievment in Bali.

Arja Dance

This is a romantic dance, very funny and also truelly entertaining to most of Balinese young and old even children. All women, or all men, sometime mixture of two type dance performance, except for the interpreter dancers which also act like clowns, always men of two. But they have one thing in common, they wear the same traditional costumes either for men dancers or the women, except for the interpreter dancers. It depicts the story drawn from the classical romances of the Balinese history and legend. The plot is very highly developed.


Like an opera, it is a major performance and a social event, often very long and full of trials, tribulations and obstacles which have to be overcome before the lovers are happily united. It is highly popular with the Balinese but it is intricate story is difficult for stangers to follow.

Cupak Dance

Cupak, the star of this comic dance, is Bali's traditional glutton. Unscrupulous and devoted to food, he is also ambitious, and when the King of Kediri announces that whoever finds his daughter can merry her, he sets off to search for her, accompanied by his younger brother. After many adventures in which the handsome younger brother distinguishes himself more than Cupak, the princess is finally rescued. In the end, the unscrupulous hero-villain is ousted and the attractive younger brother wins the princess.


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