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The land
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Kechak Dance Performances :

Padang Tegal, Ubud -- Sun - 07.00 PM.

Puri Agung, Peliatan, Ubud -- Thu - 07.30 PM.

Bona Village, Gianyar -- Sun/Mon/Wed/Fri - 07.00 PM.

Legong Dance

One of the most ancient and most popular dances of Bali. Performed by two or three teenage girls, to the music of full pelegongan orchestra, the dance consists of an introduction, a drama and a epilogue, and concerns the doings of the King Lasem, an arrogant monarch who wishes to marry the unwilling Princes Langkasari and even as goes as far as attempting to kill her father in order to achieve his ends.

Janger_danceJanger Dance

This dance could be described as a modern musical melody. Itf is performed by boys and girls to the cheerfull music flute, gong and drums. Although it has fewer traditional elements, it is highly popular.

Kebyar Dance

Again a modern dance, the Kebyar is performed by single boy dancer. As the dance is an interpretation of musical moods, rather than the telling of a story, much depends on the skill and grace of the dancer and his personal magnetism.


Kechak Dance

Also known as the Monkey Dance, the Kechak is powerful, moving and dramatic. Up to one hundred fifty men sit in a circle, thus forming the stage for the central figures of the drama. The deep, stirring voices of the men replace and transcend any orchestra with co-ordinated chanting which takes months of practice. The dancers, their bodies gleaming in the torchlight, unfold a story from the Ramayana epict. At the appearance of Hanoman, the monkey god, the men's voices suddenly become an army of chattering monkeys, hence the name, Monkey Dance.


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Legong Dance Performances :

Puri Saren, Ubud -- Mon/Sat - 07.30 PM.

Peliatan Village, Ubud -- Fri - 07.30 PM.

Pura Dalem, Ubud -- Thu - 07.00 PM.

Ayu Rest., Sindhu Bch, Sanur --Every night - 08.15 PM.