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Seekor burung gereja kecil terbang ke selatan karena musim dingin. Capai terbang ia terjerembab ke bumi. Serombongan kerbau lewat diatasnya. Untung ia tidak mati terinjak-injak. Salah seekor dari kerbau-kerbau itu buang kotoran sehingga menimpa burung itu. Seluruh badannya terkubur ... kerbau yang hangat. Hanya kepalanya saja yang tampak nyembul, ngos-ngosan. Tidak beberapa lama datang seekor kucing. Kucing itu menariknya keluar dari kotoran. Setelah membersihkannya, kucing itu memakannya !

Cerita itu berarti :

  • bahwa apa yang mengotorimu belum tentu itu buruk...
  • bahwa apa yang membersihkanmu belum tentu itu baik!
  • secara global, apa yang tampak seperti itu, belum tentu benar-benar seperti itu! So learn, learn and learn...

The entire of my family loves cats so much. We grow up cats since they're little babies. Not everybody love or friendly to cats in town.

Strange is with our mother cat 'Babon' who've given birth to more than ten baby cats. Each time she delivers baby, it's the legs baby cat always come out first! So my mother and sister help pulling the baby cats out or she or the born baby cats die.


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Sometimes we find in the street drainages baby cats are thrown away by people and we go in to find and bring them home to raise.

From eleven Balinese cats, now we have only nine remains, some died of old or sick.

Knowing I learn about operating computer since 1997, I should have started this home site building, ideas, purpose of interacting with the world, much earlier. But then there is always saying : 

logo_f.gifbetter late than never. I hope this works for me and you.
Friends are lost by calling often and calling seldom.                         -Scottish proverb.

If it was not because I spend more time at home now with my computer more than going out to just hanging around and playing pool, I could have never made it up this far to get here to be seen by you.

But then what would I get in return for doing this bull shit? Frankly, I expect a lot from you. Are not we interacting?

A book guided, step by step, or jump by jump to quick, I learned to make this simple site on my own. I am sure for most of you, folks, it looks much too simple to even for a fair judge and certainly very far from perfection.

I am only a new beginner and we start at walk in learn to run, don't we? I don't even have a basic color composition knowledge! 

Though it's rather complicated at first, as you learn more and you become more familiar with the commands. And in two weeks time you're an amateur web designer!

mixing formula.gif

Also the difficult part is, in between, when you just don't know what to write or how to out-lay!

It would be nice if you could come with advises and suggestions. It'll help me develop a better web in the future. Your comments on this would really be appreciated.

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Sydney J. Harris :

The art of living sucsessfully consists of being able to hold two opposite ideas in tension at the same time :
first, to make long-term plans as if we were going to to live forever ;

second, to conduct ourselves daily as if we were going to die tomorrow.

From Field Newspaper Syndicate.

Jika anda bisa karena do'a, itu adalah keajaiban.

Tetapi hanya kemampuan, keyakinan dan percaya diri lah yang dapat membawa anda kepada benar-benar bisa


In my lectures on human genetic, I explained that males determine the sex of the offspring by contributing either an X or Y chromosome. On the exam, I asked the question
"How is the sex of a child determined?"
One student wrote :
"By examining it at birth."

Contributed by Patricia S. Gindhart. Reader's Digest, June, 1993.