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  Public Holidays:

Religion is a way of life in Indonesia, and throughout the entire archipelago people enjoy and celebrate Buddhist, Hindu, Moeslem and Christian holidays. The first national holiday is the New Year's Day observed throughout the country. Although celebrations vary from area to area, it is often celebrated with street carnivals, fireworks, special entertainments and shows. Chines's New Year's day, timed on the lunar calendar, continues for 15 days until the night Chap Go Meh. The Balinese New year Nyepi (Day of Silent) is also a national holiday. It's a Hindu of retreat and spiritual purification.

The most important Muslim celebration is Idul fitri (Grebeg Syahwal) on the first day of the 10th month (syahwal) of Islamic calendar symbolizing the end of the fasting month Rhamadan. All over the country mass prayers are held in mosques and town squares and everyone wears new clothes and visits relatives seeking forgiveness for past transgressions. It's two day public holiday. Also on Islamic calendar is Maulud Nabi (or Grebeg Maulud) in commemoration of the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed, preceded by the Sekaten festival. The day of the Asscension of the Prophet Mohammed falls on the 27th day of the seventh month on the Muslim calendar and Idul Adhah (Grebeg Besar) on the tenth day of the 11th Muslim month is the Muslim day of sacrefice where goats and cattle are slauthered and their meat are given to the poor and needy.

Good Friday is a national holiday as is the Asscension of Christ (Kenaikan Isa Almasih), the 14th day after the resurection.

April 21 is Kartini Day, a national holiday commemorating the birth day of the late Raden Adjeng Kartini, the pioneer of Indonesian women emancipacion at the turn of century. Every woman appear in the nationa dress.

August the 17th is the national day of Independence (Hari Proklamasi) celebrated throughout the country with organized sports events, puppet and shadow plays, traditional cultural performances, carnivals and festifals.

Christmas eve is celebrated by christian in Bali with church services and mass. A joyous national public holiday, Christmas is celebrated with candle light gatherings and religious ceremonies.

Be sure to check the schedules for holidays during the period of your visit: the lunar, Islamic and Hindu holidays fall on different days each year of the solar or western calendar.

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And there he was the commuter on the train who was looking every where for his tickets-in his pants pocket, his jacket, his wallet. He was searching with great frenzy, much to the amusement of the other passengers, who could see that he had the ticket in his mouth. The conductor snatched the snip of paper, punched it and gave it back. When he moved on, the commuter companion said,
"I bet you feel pretty stupid sitting there looking every where for your ticket when it was right in your mouth all the time."
"Stupid?" replied the commuter.
"I was chewing the date off."

By Edward de Bono, Quoted by Stewart McBride in The Christian Sciene Monitor, 1983.