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Welcome to see the only harmonious unity in deversity on earth. Welcome to INDONESIA.

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  Introducing INDONESIA


We, the Indonesian people herewith proclaim the independence of Indonesia. All matters pertaining to the transfer of power etc. will be carried out in the sorthest possible time.

Jakarta, 17th August 1945.
On behalf of the Indonesian people.

Soekarno - Hatta.


Indonesia, which before the 2nd World War was known as the Dutch East Indies, is an archipelago consisting of more than 13,000 islands and islets comprising islands known to the world like Java, Sumatra, part of island Borneo now called Kalimantan, the Celebes now called Sulawesi, the Mollucas or Maluku and part of the world's second biggest island of New Guinea, now called Papua.

Marco Polo who came in 1292 to Indonesia was the first European to visit the archipelago.

The Portuguese in search of spices enter Indonesia for the first time in 1511 after having conquered Malaca on the Malay Peninsula. The Portuguese and the Spaniards had later scored a strong grip on the eastern part of Indonesia, the Moluccas.

The Dutch started colonizing the archipelago as of 1602 and since then Indonesia was under the Dutch rule for almost 350 years.

When the 2nd World War broke out in which was extended to the war, the Japanese occupied the Dutch East Indies as of March 1942 after the surrender of the Dutch colonial army following the fall of Hongkong, Manila and Singapore.

On the 1st of April 1942, American landed in Okinawa and further on 6th and 9nd August1945, atomic bombs were dropped by the allies at 2 Japanese, Nagasaki and Hiroshima, whereupon the Japanese surrendered to the allies on the 14th of August 1945.

This provided the Indonesian people ample opportunity to proclaim their independence through national leaders Soekarno and Mohammad Hatta, 3 days after the total surrender of the Japanese to the allies. It was on the 17th of August 1945 that Soekarno and Hatta on the behalf of Indonesian people proclaimed Indonesia's independence.

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Although American Astronauts seem glamorous to most earthbound beings, Apollo 16 crewman Charlie Duke reveals that fortune does not necessarily accompany fame.
Astronauts were paid according to their rank. We did, however, get a little extra, as space flight was considered TDY, or temporary duty. The per diem for TDY at the time was $25. To claim credit, we had to fill out an itinerary. Mine read : Houston to Kennedy Space Center to moon, moon to Pacific Ocean, Pacific Ocean to Houston.
The moon trip lasted 11 days, so that was $275 in extra money. However, as the government provided quarters and meals, that was deducted. I believe I made $1.25 for each day on the trip.

By Oliver-Nelson in With Dotty Duke in Moonwalker