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Know of a venue not listed here? Please send us the info

Club 342

 Black River, NY

  (315) 775-1548 

John Hoover Inn

 Evans Mills, NY

  (315) 629-6927 

The Ditch

 Evans Mills, NY

 (315) 629-5682

Mick's Place

 Watertown, NY

 (315) 786-1992

Strand Music Theatre

 Watertown, NY

 (315) 782-3757

Goergers Islander Inn

 Alexandria Bay, NY

 (315) 482-3452

Depauville Hotel

 Depauville, NY

 (315) 686-1270

Sportsman's Lounge

 Watertown, NY

 (315) 788-3785

Buster's Pit Stop

 Pulaski, NY

 (315) 298-3345

Lake Ontario Playhouse

 Sackets Harbor

 (315) 646-2305

Bootlegger's Cafe & NC

Alexandria Bay, NY

 (315) 482-3303

Harrisville R&G Club

 Harrisville, NY

 (315) 543-7109

Marti Gras

 Watertown, NY

 (315) 786-1582

DragonLord Pub

Adams, NY

 (315) 583-5550


 Watertown, NY



 Watertown, NY

 (315) 782-9724

Lohn Hoover Inn

 Evans Mills, NY

 (315) 629-6927


Watertown, NY



If you know of other Venues in or around the area, please send us the info so we can post it for everyone. Also if you know any of the phone numbers to the clubs with question marks, please send us those as well. Help do your part in making the Watertown music scene strong!