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My American Attic

Example of Tablebcloth and Doily Motif Repair

Example of Pillowcase Edging Repair

Pricing and Damage Assessment

Crochet Repair & Restoration

Thank you so much for dropping by my crochet repair studio, please come in and make your self comfortable.

My name is Rene' and I have 40 years experience in the art of crochet.

I take great pride and care in repairing and refurbishing fine old crochet items as well as contemporary items. I revel in making a stained or damaged piece of work new and functional once again.

We all have those lovely old linens passed down through our families that we would love to display and use, but these old pieces have a tendency to bring remnants of the past with them.

Holiday & family dinners, pets, children, accidents and age can take a toll on delicate crochet edging, inserts or maybe even, the piece itself, as in the case of tablecloths, bedspreads, curtains, christening gowns, wedding gowns, altar linens as well doilies, runners, anti macassars, pillowcases and more

We also repair damage that occurs from snags, burns, rips, tears and age.

Be it a single motif, the edging of a vintage handkerchief, or an entire corner of a beloved tablecloth,we would be honored to help you restore a precious family heirloom to its orinigal or as near to original as can be given the circumstances of your piece.


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