Why not Now?

Breaking through to Caribbean Renewal, Revival and Reformation in our Time



“Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord, and that he may send the Christ, who has been appointed for you — even Jesus.”  [Acts 3:19 - 20.]



1         Caribbean in Crisis: The Key To Breakthrough                           

2          Crashing the Party: Revival Comes To Town                                        

3                    Man Shall Not Live by Bread Alone: Christ-Centred Renewal in the Emerging Global Age

4                    The Fulness Vision: Towards Caribbean Renewal under Christ

5                    A Framework For Discipleship: Transforming The Caribbean Through The Fulness of Christ

6                    Cells and Renewal: Small Groups, the Fulness Vision and Renewal

7          The Bible in Renewal: Discovering and Living by God's Wisdom  

8          Prayer in Renewal: Challenge, Commitment and Impact

9                    Renewal in the Marketplace:  Work and the Creation and Right Use of Wealth

10        The Arts, Media, and Education in Renewal

11        Dare to be a Daniel: Godly Service and Renewal in the Professions, Institutions and Government

12                Breakthrough to Reformation: Renewing Community Leadership and Life Through Christ

13        A Caribbean Challenge   

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A Letter to the Reader

Gentle Reader

A home is far more than a house.  However, a well-designed house provides a good environment to support the life of a family.

Just so, a training framework for discipleship is not discipleship itself: learning, living by, and witnessing to the truth that is in Jesus, as a part of God’s family in the world.  But, systematic training in a consciously designed framework for discipleship provides a vital, integrated body of knowledge and skills that will help us as we live as God’s city, a beacon of hope shining on a hill in a dark world.

 Thus, if we, the Church in the Caribbean, are to contribute to the sorely needed renewal and reformation of our region, we must first look to the quality of our discipleship, witness and service in the community and wider world.  Especially, we must look to how we have worked to develop our youth to live out their faith through godly service in the communities of our region.  To that end, this book is dedicated.

May God bless us as we serve him in our region in the Third Christian Millenium.



December 2000


[1] This book has been written to work as a text for a 13 week course.  Thus, it is suitable for Sunday School, a youth group, a study group, a Semester-length course, or a campus cell group.