An Apologetics Primer

Apologetics in the Caribbean

GEM ’85, this rev. Aug. 2002a

"Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.  But do this with gentleness and respect . . ."     (1 Peter 3:15)

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3.         Apologetics in the Caribbean

We live, think, work and evangelise in the Caribbean.  We must therefore be sensitive to the yet unhealed wounds from our past — Christianity, slavery and colonialism were all brought here from Europe, for instance — and we must work towards dealing with the issues facing the church today, in the twenty-first century.  Six issues — sectarianism, political messianism, the media and education, evolutionary materialism, post-modern relativism, and Islam, will therefore be focussed upon, not because they are exhaustive but because they are representative and important.

Caribbean Apologetics Issues

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 3.1              The Sectarian Civil War

3.2       Political Messianism

3.3       The Media and Education

3.4       Evolutionary Materialism

3.5       Post-Modernism

3.6       Islam in the Caribbean

NOTICES: This course module was originally created by Gordon Mullings, in 1985, for use as part of a manual for Cell Group Leaders for the UCCF, in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean. It has been subsequently revised and developed, to date. (DISCLAIMER: While reasonable attempts have been made to provide accurate, fair and informative materials for use in training, no claim is made for absolute truth, and corrections based on factual errors and/or gaps or inconsistencies in reasoning are welcome.) FAIR USE: The contents of this module are intended for use as a support for learning about responding to the typical intellectual challenges to the Christian Faith and gospel that are commonly encountered in the Caribbean, especially in tertiary education and in commentary in the regional and international media. Permission is therefore granted to link to this page for fair use under intellectual property law, and for reasonable citation of the linked content on this site for church- or parachurch- group related training and/or for personal or academic use; this specifically excludes reproduction, linking or citation for commercial, controversial or media purposes without the Author's written permission -- especialy where matters relating to the validity and value of Faith/Religious/Atheological Commitments and Truth-Claims are being debated or disputed. PDF version available, under similar terms. COPYRIGHT:GEM 2002. All rights are reserved.