A B C &D Divisions



RULE BOOK-6 to 14




For the A, B, C, and D Divisions

Ages 5 to 14


Field size

·       For the A, B, and C Divisions, the field dimensions will be 25 yards wide by 50 yards deep, with two 7 yard deep end zones, and one fixed first down at mid field.

·       For the D and Senior Divisions the field dimensions will be 30 yards wide by 60 yards deep with two 7 yard deep end zones, and two fixed first downs at the 20 yard lines


Attire and Safety

·       All players must wear a mouth piece.

·       All boys must wear a protective cup.

·       Cleats are recommended, but not required. No metal cleats are allowed.

·       Matching shirts are required to be worn, and visible at all times, if players wear hoodies, the hood must be on the head or tucked inside the shirt.

·       No pads are allowed

·       A flag belt must be worn by all players when on the field. If the flag falls off untouched, or is missing, then a one hand touch will end the play.


Game Clock

·       The game will consist of two (2) 20 minute halves

·       The clock will continue to run unless stopped by a time out

·       At the one minute mark of each half, a one minute warning will be announced. During this last minute of the half, the clock will stop on time outs, dropped passes, penalties, change of possession, and stepping out of bounds. The clock will not run during a point after attempt. Each team will receive two (2) time outs per half, and may not be carried over.


·       Game clock will start at the appointed time. Teams must be at the field and prepared to play at least 10 minutes before game time. If a team is late, They have ten minutes from game time to field a team. The time will be deducted from the game time. Furthermore, the team that is late will not have choice at either half.




·       Each team will field 6 players on offense or defense.

·       In the  B, C,  and D Divisions, you must field a minimum of 5 players, or the game will result in a forfeit

·       In the A division you must field a minimum of 4 players, or the game will result in a forfeit.

·       If a team is playing with 4 players in the A Division or 5 in the B, C, or D Divisions, the opposing team must play with the same amount of players.

·       Mercy rule, if a team has a lead of 18 point or larger, then they will only have 4 downs to score. The team that is down by 18 points or more will start at mid field. The game will be deemed over, if within the last minute, the team that is ahead, by 18 points or over has possession of the ball.

The Game

·       The home team will be determined by coin toss. Home team has first choice to defer,

       receive the ball or choose field direction. (defer gives you choice 2nd half ).

·       There is no contact, any contact not deemed incidental will be penalized


·       The offense has 40 seconds, to call and start execution of a play or from the time the ball is spotted, or they will be penalized for delay of game.

·       Offensive team starts on their own 5 yard line. Team has 4 downs to reach 1st down marker, if so, they get 4 more downs to score, if not, the opposing team receives the  ball on their 5 yard line.

·       A no run zone is enforced at both ends of the field, If the ball is completely within the 2 yard marker the offense MUST pass the ball to score. QB can run only if the defense rushes in after the 3 mississippi count

·       In the A Division, there is no no run zone

·       1 coach is allowed in the huddle and on the field while game is in play, but must back up behind the quarter back at the snap.

·       There must be a clear separation between the quarter back and center at the snap

·       If the snap is dropped, the quarter back can pick up the ball, and complete the play. Only the qb, and no other player can pick up the ball. If a player other than the qb touches the ball, then the play is ruled dead.

·       QB is allowed 1 forward pass per play, pitch backs are OK and does not count as a forward pass. Receivers must have 2 feet in bounds to be a legal catch.  Everyone is       eligible to receive the ball.

·       Offensive player can set a stationary pick. Feet must be planted. Raising of arms or forward contact by the offensive player is illegal. Ball carrier must avoid defensive players. NO charging.

·       A motion pick is allowed by one player only, and the player cannot change direction or impede a defensive player in any way.

·       A multiple pick is illegal, and will be penalized if it is deemed by the referee that the formation was too tight to allow penetration by the defensive players.

·       If the defense intercepts the ball they can run it back for a TD, if they get flagged before scoring  the spot will be marked back at the 5 yard line if the mid field was not crossed  or mid field if the mid field line was crossed.

·       Flag shielding and stiff arming is not allowed.

·       Diving to advance the ball or scoring is not allowed, spinning, and jumping for the ball is allowed

·       The position of the body determines the spot of the ball, not were the ball is. If the ball carrier steps on the goal line, it is a score, if he does not but reaches ball across goal line, it is not a score.




·       Touch Down - 6 points,

·       extra point -1 (run or pass from 2 yd line)

·       2 point conversion (run or pass from 5 yd line)

·       Safety 2 points



·       At the snap of the ball the referee will count 3 mississippi, defensive players must wait for the full completion of the count  before crossing the line of scrimmage. No Blitzing is allowed

·       If the quarter back hands off the ball, then the count will stop and the defense may cross the line of scrimmage.

·       Stepping in front of an offensive player and causing contact is not allowed.

·       1 coach may be in the defensive huddle, but must back out of the way at the snap

·       In the D Division the coach is not allowed on the field



·       Defensive- Off-sides: (+ 5) yards and replay the down or “o” takes result of play

·       Holding the ball carrier: 5 yards added at the end of the run, down counts

·       Interference: 10 yards from original spot, automatic 1st down or result of play

·       Ball stripping: 5 yards from the spot of the foul, down counts

·       Personal fouls: tackling or pushing out of bounds, 10 yards and a warning (2nd, eject) If occurred within the 5yard line then its an automatic touch down.







You must pick up al your garbage when you leave

You must park in designated spots

You must stay behind the out of bounds line at all time

There is no smoking allowed at any field