Welcome to HTB Flag Football.

Does your child like to play football but doesn�t like the contact of a tackle league? This is the new alternative, a fun filled league designed for everyone to play. No one Needs to worry, there is NO blocking, NO fumbles, NO kickoffs & NO punting!


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Spring 2012 season starts March 3rd

    Played on a 25 X 50 yard field with 1 fixed first down at mid field

   *  6 on 6 with free substitution at anytime

   *  2 / 20 minute halves, clock stops only in last 1 minute of play       

   *  Smaller football, one rusher and everyone is eligible to catch the ball     

    *  10 � 12 players per team, sign up yourself or with a full team

    *  This league is co-ed, boys and girls play on the same team

    *  6 divisions based on age  

    *  Local fields with real referees

    *  Season consists of  7 regular season games                     

    * Playoffs and championship

    * 15 & 16, 17 , and 18 year olds play on 40x80 fields 


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