You must be at the Coliseum at least 30 minutes before game time


Enter trough main gate, and follow the instruction of the Coliseum security officers.


You must be on the field, and ready to play by the start of the hour


The game clock will start exactly on the hour, no delays


At the end of the game, exit the playing field as quickly as possible, and proceed to the area behind the end zone,  for pictures, and trophy presentation.

bullet players will not be allowed to play
  1. without cups, or mouthpiece

  2. if wearing shorts

  3. if wearing cleats (sneakers only)


    We will be filming the games, and a dvd will be available for ordering at the game. It will feature, the entire game, Opining credits ( teams name, coaches name, players name, title, etc.) Scene menu, and still pictures of the two teams involved. The dvd will be shipped within two weeks of ordering. We will also be taking at least 40 pictures of each game, from different areas of the coliseum, and added with pictures from the regular season, will be available on a picture cd that is playable on most regular DVD players.

cost of dvd $20 + 3 shipping   $23

cost of picture cd $5 + $3 shipping (no shipping if ordered with DVD)


Driving directions: Southern State Parkway to the Meadowbrook Parkway south Proceed until Hempstead Turnpike. Take Hempstead Turnpike west to the main entrance to the Coliseum on your right side.