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These are scripts that I have found useful at one time or another.

I wrote some of them, but all the others came from public sources.


ArcView 3.x Scripts and Extensions

Add Recno to Table - Script  I modified the standard addrecno.ave script so that it would work on a stand-alone table, not just a theme. Not fancy but it served the purpose and saved a step.
Append Table - Script This will allow you to append one table onto the bottom of another. Very useful.
Connect all Points - Script This script will connect all points in a theme with a common attribute. The resulting lines will be have names created from the 2 points used to make the line. I wrote this script to connect cities that had common attributes.
DDD Set - Extension This extension will allow you to increase the resolution of grids and imagery that is displayed in a 3D View.
DEM Shade - Script Have you ever tried to create a hillshade for a grid file that is made in Geographic projection? It is very difficult. This script will help.
Excel to Table - Script This will allow you to import an MS Excel file (that is currently open in Excel) into ArcView. It's better than saving in different formats.
Hawaii Extension Maker - Script Makes creating extensions easy. This is actually a Dialog Designer script. Import it into a Dialog Designer window and it will create a new dialog window to be used in creating your extension. Once you get that dialog window, the rest is easy.
Image Indexer - Extension This saved me a lot of time. This will create a polygon theme with polygons in the shape of each image/grid theme that you have selected and use the images file name as a record id. Used in conjunction with 'Select All Themes', this can dramatically speed the process of choosing images to keep/remove from a large TOC.
Join the Dots - Extension This script will take a point theme with a series of points and create a polyline theme connecting the ones with common attributes. I have used this to them join the rest of the table from the point theme to create coverages with the attributes of the original points.
Modify a Table - Script This script will allow the user to change a field's type from Char to Decimal and vice-versa.
Query Unique Records - Script This script will select (highlight) all records in a table that have a unique value in a particular field. When there are several occurrences of one value in that field, only the first one it encounters gets selected. I believe it does take sorting into account. Very useful script for me.
Quickload ESRI Data - Extension I wrote this extension to quickly and easily add the demo data that is located in the default installation directory (c:\esri\esridata).
Quickset Projections - Extension I wrote this extension maps of North America. It adds a menu item that lists Geographic, Lambert Conformal and UTM projections. Click on them and the views projection is instantly changed.
Layout Refresh button - Extension This simple extension will add a button to your layout interface which will allow you to refresh your layout. Actually, simply closes and opens the layout so fast that it appears to be a refresh. I wrote it because the ArcView layouts are notorious for leaving 'shadows' of objects that have been moved, making it difficult to create a map.
Select all themes in TOC - Script This script will select all themes in a view. I wrote this short script to complete a task that was wasting a lot of time when I had 1000+ images in one view.
Sort Table - Script This will allow you to sort a table with more than one field.
Sort Themes in TOC - Script This will sort all of the themes in all of the views of the project in ascending alphabetical order.
Tag Duplicates - Script This will find duplicate records in a table based upon user-given fields. Can also add a unique identifier to those records.
Transportable Project Utility - Script I developed this script to automate the task of making a project transportable. The script makes a backup of the project file before editing begins on the current project. Vector, Grid and Image files are all supported. A supplementary text file is created that lists all the files used by the project so that they can be copied to the new location.
Xtools - extension Useful bundle of utilities, some of which have been replaced by the Geoprocessing wizard.
ArcGIS 8.x Scripts
Layout Manager - Dll extension This can be used to allow the creation of multiple layouts for one ArcMap document. Don't forget to turn the extension on after installation. No need to add this to a button, it will create one of it's own (a white page on the layout toolbar)
Layout Spell Check - Dll script This will allow you to check the spelling of all text boxes that are in the layout. It uses your MS Word dictionary. If you have technical terms or different languages in your text boxes, so long as you have the correct dictionary applied in MS Word, the spell checker will have no difficulties. You can, of course, add the technical terms to your dictionary and they will be properly read by the spell checker.



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