BLOOD TYPE B – SJOGREN’S SYNDROME – HIGH CHOLESTEROL FYI --- People with Sjogren’s syndrome are found to be deficient in the essential fatty acid, GLA. --- People with blood type B are genetically prone to the more exotic immune system disorders – (MS, Lupus, CFS). Sjogren’s syndrome is considered to be an auto immune disorder. Despite blood types, rheumatoid or autoimmune disorders are thought to have a bacterial or allergenic cause. It has been found, after extensive research, that therapy with non-generic Lederle Minocin alleviates the chronic mycoplasma or strep infection that has been found to cause rheumatoid or autoimmune disorders. ---hypothyroid has been found to play a big part in autoimmune/rheumatoid disorders. The low basal metabolic temperatures involved with hypothyroidism have been found to increase the overgrowth of candida and the risk of strep which, in turn, can proceed on to rheumatoid/autoimmune disorders. Correcting a hypothyroid condition could alleviate the predisposing conditions for the autoimmune disorder. ---systemic or chronic candidiasis may also be a contributor to rheumatoid or autoimmune disorders. This could stem from an improper diet allowing an overabundance of sugars and an overgrowth of candida. Lactobacillus acidophilus and bulgaricus and bifido bacterium all manufacture natural antibiotics that can kill candida. You must, however, change your diet. --- Due to the genetic tendency of B’s towards hypoglycemia, best to stay away from sugar at all costs! Aspartame is even worse in that it has been found to trigger auto immune reactions. --high sugar consumption will also affect the insulin reaction in the body, in some cases causing insulin resistance or hyperinsulinemia. This, in turn, drastically affects the blood lipid (cholesterol, triglyceride ) balance in the body. --- Accupuncture treatment has been found to be effective in xerostomia in double –blind studies. --- Sialor ( sialogogue) found to be of benefit to xerostomia and xeropthalmia. --- Eating incorrectly can also cause insulin problem which can, as mentioned, affect cholesterol balance --- Herbs and supplements found beneficial in lowering cholesterol – red yeast rice , pantethine , polycosanols (studies have shown that this is even BETTER at reducing cholesterol than the statins – of which red yeast rice is naturally), guggulipids. ---chemotherapy drugs used to stop the immune system have proven to be NOT beneficial in the long run. It is more important to find out why the immune system is over reacting rather than suppressing it SUPPLEMENTS FOUND TO BE OF BENEFIT --- Calcium, magnesium – (2000,1000mg) – shown to help BALANCE the immune system --- Bromelain (500mg – 2000 GDU,w/meals) or digestive enzyme complex – helps with proper digestion of food. Undigested food permeates the intestinal lining and stimulates an inflammatory response by the immune system against the body. --- Lecithin is highly beneficial – helps protect the immune system --- N-acetyl-cysteine – (NAC) – found to be beneficial in SS and other diseases characterized by free radical oxidative damage. -- best taken 6 hours after mineral supplements or 6 hours before. – 600mg. -- may be good to take with alpha lipoic acid 300mg -- found to have therapeutic effect on ocular symptoms --- Evening primrose oil – shown to be beneficial in ocular and oral status. – high in GLA --- Ester C w/ citrus bioflavanoids and rutin ( 500,200,100mg) – 3Xday or more. Empty stomach to ensure digestive juices don’t diminish bioflavanoid concentrations and effectiveness. -- strong antioxidant, antiviral. Helps the body produce natural interferon. --- chlorophyll – high in magnesium, which has been found to be of benefit in any autoimmune disorder --- Vitamin D3 –(cholecalciferol) – 400iu. – the most bioavailable form of vit. D. Found to be a natural inhibitor of the auto immune mediated processes and selective immune system regulator. --- Probiotics – refrigerated, powdered – best. 1t. in AM and 1t. in PM. – empty stomach. Shown to counter bad bacteria, help detoxify. Toxic build-up may trigger autoimmune and inflammatory reactions --- Nettle root ext. can down-regulate the immune system and is also good against candida --- In women, estrogen dominance has been found to cause auto-immune reaction. Natural progesterone cream has been shown to be effective at balancing estrogen dominance. NUTRITIONAL SUGGESTIONS-(for B’s only – ask about other types) --- Chicken and corn are highly allergenic in B’s. -- can cause hypoglycemia – as does wheat, peanuts, and lentils. --- Best red meat to eat is lamb or mutton. -- turkey, beef, or buffalo occasionally is OK -- NO pork or chicken --- Cod, salmon, flounder, halibut and sole are excellent and highly beneficial. -- NO shell fish, lox, crayfish, etc ---Most dairy is good. -- NO ice cream, string cheese, American cheese, blue cheese --- Olive oil is very good -- as is flax and fish oil. Ghee is also very beneficial. -- avoid all other oils as they contain lectins that may be damaging to the digestive tract. --- Most nuts are NOT good for B’s – interfere with insulin production --almonds are OK – as are walnuts and pecans ( 8-10 nuts 3-5 X week). Almond butter is OK (1T 2-3Xweek) --- Kidney, navy, and lima beans are good . – -- AVOID ALL other beans – found to interfere with insulin production. --- Oats, rice and spelt are highly beneficial grains -- AVOID WHEAT – (insulin problems) RYE – ( bad lectin – settles in vascular system possibly causing blood disorders or stroke), CORN, BUCKWHEAT, AMARANTH (sluggish metabolism and insulin problems) --- Eat plenty of leafy green veges, which contain lots of magnesium. ( anti-viral agent) helpful in immune dysfunctions. -- basically, ALL veges are good. EXCEPT – corn, tomatoes, artichoke, avocado, olives, radishes, pumpkin, sprouts and tofu (contain lectins that are harmful to B’s) --- Most fruits are very good - Try to eat 1-2 servings a day, at least, of bananas, cranberries, grapes, pineapples, plums, papaya. These are highly beneficial. -- NO coconut ---Good drink to have every morning -- 1T. flax oil 1T. lecithin granules 6-8 oz. fruit juice (grape, papaya, pineapple) Shake or mix well Provides high levels of phospholipids beneficial to immune system. --- Spices to AVOID – allspice, almond ext, cinnamon, corn syrup, gelatin, pepper, tapioca. --all are either stomach irritants or have problem lectins) --- NO katsup --tomato lectin is very bad – called a panhemagglutinin --- Licorice tea is good antiviral tea for immune system and to control hypoglycemia. Drink in moderation, as it has tendency to lower potassium and raise blood pressure if used in large amounts or for too long. --- Ginger, peppermint, sage, and panax ginseng ( drink early in the day) found to be very beneficial. --- Use NO senna, aloe, fenugreek, gentian, red clover, skullcap ( bad lectins and may lower blood sugar) --- NO carbonated beverages. Drink lots of non-chlorinated or fluoridated water.

DEPRESSED IMMUNE SYSTEM AS SOON AS YOU GET UP – EMPTY STOMACH 2 OZ. FLOR-ESSENCE(1/4c.) mixed with 1/4c. distilled water. Can boil the water on the stove if you want ( or just heat it up to make a tea) don’t microwave it. You can sweeten with a little honey if you want. Known to be a strong detoxifier, strengthens the immune system, increases energy levels, extremely strong anti cancer mixture, improves general health. 40-60 drops MAITAKE-D fraction tincture – strong immune system stimulant. MIX WITH FLOR-ESSENCE 1- CO Q10 – essential for generating energy in the form of ATP. Very strong antioxidant – reduces free-radical damage. Especially good for people who have been involved for long periods of time in vigorous athletics or excessive physical exertion since over-exertion causes much oxidative damage to the body. Especially good for the heart. 1-GERMANIUM SESQUIOXIDE – enhances the availability of oxygen to healthy cells and cancer cells. Since cancer cells can’t survive in oxygen-rich conditions, this is very beneficial. Increases NK cells(natural killer)also a powerful immune enhancer 2-ACIDOPHILUS – keeps the population of good bacteria in balance. Controls malabsorption of nutrients because of overgrowth of bad bacteria. Stimulates the body’s immune function. Improves hormonal regulation. 4-IP6 – very strong anti-oxidant and immune booster 3-ENZYMES – highly boosts the immune system, enabling it to recognize and destroy non-self invaders. Also, highly anti-inflammatory. Very important to take these when you first get up, about an hour before you eat. They are all very strong immune boosters, detoxifiers. And anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants. I know your schedule is very hectic, but TRY very hard for at least a month. WITH BREAKFAST -- 1 TSP. PROTEIN POWDER – mixed with your yogurt. You need better nutrition. You’re not going to gain weight with the low-fat, lo-carb powder I gave you. But, seriously, if you don’t feed yourself more nutrient dense food, you’ll die. --1 TSP. ARA-6 (arabinogalactan) – mix this with your yogurt, too. Very strong immune booster. Very beneficial to health of gastrointestinal tract. Enhances effects of herbal stimulators. Increases butyrate in intestinal tract. --2 SOLGAR EARTH SOURCE OR 2 SOURCE OF LIFE – good plant based multiples -- 3 JARROW METHYLCOBALAMIN – (B12) – keeps the cortisol levels balanced and helps restore circadian rythems. Stress-induced elevated cortisol levels cause much free-radical damage. --5-CHORELLA – contains highest concentration of chlorophyll of the green plants. Excellent rejuvinatoer,having same chemical structure as hemoglobin except central molecule is magnesium instead of iron. Improves immune function, activates T & B cells, stimulates interferon and the growth of friendly bacteria,. Increases RBC,WBC, platelets and albumin. --1- COUNTRY LIFE ANTIOXIDANT COMPLEX – combination of the main antioxidants. Found to work better in combinations. --1 – COUNTRY LIFE ULTRA OMEGA – (omega 3 as opposed to omega 6 needed for every body function and corrects MANY imbalances) --1 – CAL,MG, ZN – (500,250, 25) – beneficial to muscles, bones and nerves. --1-OLIVE LEAF EXT. – strong immune stimulant, detoxifier, antibacterial --1 HCL – Betain HCL – increases process of digestion, lessening the risk of toxic bowels. TINCTURES – 1 SQUIRT OF EACH - BLADDERWRACK – source of iodine, regulates the thyroid, balancing the hormones . PANAX GINSENG – strong adaptogen, provides calming and stimulating effects, liver cleanser, blood sugar regulator, helps body fight stress, stimulates immune system. HAWTHORNE – excellent heart tonic. MILK THISTLE – liver stimulant cleansing, stimulates immune system. CATS CLAW –enhances immune system, free radical inhibitor, cleanses and strengthens intestinal tract. FOCUSING/MEMORY - contains ginkgo, which is a strong free-radical scavenger, enhances oxygenation, increases cerebral circulation, immune stimulant, vasodilator, used for tinnitis, peripheral circulation, Alzeheimers, and macular degeneration . DESTRESS – contains all the destressing herbs, beneficial for relaxation and distressing, which aids in balancing cortisol. DRINK LOTS OF GREEN TEA. WITH LUNCH 1- ULTRA OMEGA -1- CO Q10 -1-COUNTRY LIFE ANTIOXIDANT COMPLEX -1- OLIVE LEAF EXT. -5- CHORELLA TINCTURES – 1 DROPPERFUL EACH – FOCUSING/MEMORY, DESTRESS, MILKTHISTLE, CATS CLAW, PANAX GINSENG, BLADDERWRACK, HAWTHORNE WITH SUPPER -1- SOURCE OF LIFE OR EARTH SOURCE MULTI -1-ULTRA OMEGA -1-ESTER C WITH BIOFLAVINOIDS -1-HCL -1-OLIVE LEAF EXT -5-CHORELLA TINCTURES – 1 DROPPERFUL EACH –HAWTHORNE, DESTRESS BEFORE BED, EMPTY STOMACH -4- IP6 -2-CA,MG,ZN -2-ACIDOPHILUS or 1t. powder -3-ENZYMES 2 OZ. FLOR-ESSENCE W/ 2 OZ. DISTILLED WATER. ( no need to drink hot, can drink room temp) 2 SQUEEZES MAITAKE – D TINCTURE Very important to take “before breakfast” and “before bed” supplements. They’re very strong, but need to be taken on an empty stomach. AND at least twice a day. The other supplements are also very important. ANOTHER VERY GOOD THING TO DO IS MASSAGE THE LUMP AREA TWICE A DAY WITH ALOE GEL. BEST TO DO AFTER SHOWER , MIXING A FEW DROPS OF TEA TREE OIL WITH THE ALOE GEL. AT NIGHT MIX A FEW DROPS OF OREGANO OIL WITH ALOE GEL. The aloe is very beneficial and the addition of the oils add antibacterial and immune stimulating actions to the aloe. Eat lots of fish No wheat, or dairy When you can, DRINK PEPPERMINT, YARROW, ELDERFLOWER IN HOT WATER AND SOAK 10-15 MINUTES IN A HOT TUB OF WATER. STIMULATES THE IMMUNE SYSTEM AND KILLS VIRUS. Try to use at least 1 T. ghee a day. High in butyrate and enhances herb activity. Watch your good and bad foods,] Try to get plenty of rest and relaxation Deep breathe as often as you can to oxygenate your body. Yoga and Tai Chi are good alternative exercise routines

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