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LIVER, ADRENAL, PITUITARY, AND THYROID SUPPORT BASIC INFO Liver - --detoxifies incompletely digested proteins, excess hormones (prog.,est, testosterone), drugs, food additives, poisons. --breaks down fats for energy, desaturates fatty acids --buffers or tones down swings in blood sugar by up to 65% --filters out about 99% of bacteria in blood from intestines before it enters into circulation --bile and bile salts from the liver decrease surface tension of fat particles in the small intestine allowing them to be broken down into smaller pieces so they can be digested. Without bile salts, only ½ the fat eaten would be absorbed compared to 99% Possible symptoms – --any symptom due to excessive amounts of hormones could be due to malfunction in secreting organ, or due to sluggish liver being unable to de-activate it. --bloating or tenderness in the liver area --acne, photophobia, rashes, fatigue, brittle nails, split ends --hypothyroidism can be due to excess estrogen in the blood due to liver not breaking it down --liver congestion can lead to pressure in the venous system thus causing hemorrhoids and varicose veins --pain between shoulder blades can be due to liver dysfunction --liver malfunction can also be cause of dysmenorreha due to not being able to break down estrogen Causes – --fatty foods (fried, vege oil, roasted nuts) --pollutants --nerve pressure in mid-thoracics can cause liver dysfunction --artificial sweetners --diets TOO high in proteins ( gluten, soy) – moderation is good --refined sugar, alcohol, and tobacco --B vit. deficiency Indications – --Press hard with thumb on skin between shoulder blades just to the right of spine. If area remains white more than a fraction of a second, could be a sign of venous congestion and possible liver involvement. --put blood pressure cuff on calf and inflate to 180mmHg. If causes muscle pain, liver congestion – due to livers role in venous pressure --indication of calcium deficiency – put blood pressure cuff on leg and inflate to 80mmHg. Leave on for 4 min. If muscle cramps, indication of Ca deficiency. This may signify too much protein, thyroid or parathyroid imbalance, or poor assimilation (dec. HCL). Less often due to deficiency in diet. Best to treat liver, thyroid, adrenals, and pituitary together because all hormones interact.. Adrenal gland – -- speeds up rate of metabolism --causes liver to release glucose --increases muscle strength and mental activity (partially due to glucose levels) --hormones released by the adrenals are cortisol and aldosterone. Blood type A’s already have a high level of cortisol (fight or flight). --Chronic excessive cortisol production or intake can lead to hypoadrenia. This can depress immune system by shrinking thymus and lymph tissue and decreasing formation of antibodies and sensitized lymphocytes necessary to fight disease. --adrenal hormone secretion is under control of the pituitary. Any type of stress will cause pituitary to signal adrenals to produce more cortisol – resulting in adrenal burnout. Causes of excess cortisol – --pain, extremes in temperature, surgery, traumatic accidents, intense anxiety or emotional trauma, mental or physical overwork, lack of proper sleep, pollutants, pesticides, refines foods – especially carbohydrates, exposure to allergic substances, lack of sunlight. Symptoms of adrenal malfunctions – --low back pain --knee pain --tired feet --weak ankles/aching calves --eyes sensitive to light – esp. at night. May feel need to wear sunglasses during summer days --depression --hay fever --asthma --insomnia --colitis --learning disabilities Not enough cortisol – --crave substances to raise glucose – caffeine, sweets, soda, juice --often get dizzy if stand up too fast --irritable --headaches --blurred vision --erratic behavior and energy levels --prone to inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, bronchitis, colitis, allergies(food and pollen allergies may disappear when adrenal function is restored) Causes of adrenal malfunction – --frequent ingestion of white sugar, honey, syrup, fruit juices, sodas, etc. All cause rapid rise in blood sugar. This rise causes pancreas to freak out and overact in insulin secretion, leading to rapid fall in blood sugar. This type of diet exhausts adrenals and leads to hypoglycemia. Caffeine and chocolate have the same effect --sudden or prolonged exposure to heat or cold --fasting if the adrenals are already somewhat depleted worsens the condition --using cortisone over long periods can depress adrenals.( injections for inflammation and hydrocortisone creams for itching and rashes) This also decreases immune response by shrinking thymus and lymphatic tissue. --allergy meds. can also depress adrenal function --epinephrine can lead to adrenal malfunction --positively charged air from heating and air conditioning can depress adrenal function. Waterfalls and fountains add negatively charged ions to the air – which will balance and restore adrenals. --pressure in spinal nerves in lower thoracic spine can decrease adrenal function. --pituitary problems can cause adrenal insufficiency. Watching exciting television shows have been shown to cause rise in epinephrine and norepinephrine. Too many of these shows could exhaust adrenal medulla and under real stress when you need these hormones in large amounts, they may not be available. PREVENTION, CORRECTION, AND SUGGESTIONS FOR LIVER,THYROID, ADRENALS, AND PITUITARY -- 1-2 MONTHS, ELIMIMATE FOODS WITH SUGAR (WHITE,BROWN, AND RAW), HONEY, MOLLASSES, CORN SYRUP, MAPLE SYRUP, FRUIT JUICES, DRIED FRUITS. FRESH FRUIT IS OK. --NO ALCOHOL,DRUGS, TOBACCO, CAFFEINE --KEEP OIL TO A MINIMUM – 1T. A DAY. --Try to eliminate causes, not treat symptoms --SLEEP WELL, MINIMIZE STRESS AND POLLUTANTS --Use no meds with cortisone or epinephrine --DURING STRESSFUL TIMES, LIE DOWN, RELAX, PLACE HANDS ON FOREHEAD OVER EYEBROWS AND DO DEEP DIAPHRAGMATIC BREATHING FOR 10 MIN. Deep breathing causes the diaphragm to massage and stimulate the adrenals with each breath, providing rejuvenating physical therapy to these glands. Enhances cerebral circulation of oxygen and nutrients, boosting cerebral functions which maintains immunity. Maximizes assimilation of negative ion energy from the atmosphere and keeps the autonomic nervous system from constantly driving the body into the high gears of the sympathetic branch which enervates immunity. Cultivates and conserves vitality. Strengthens the radiant shield of protective energy around the body. Breath is regarded as the second pulse of life. --GET FRESH AIR AND SUNSHINE (FRESH AIR HAS NEGATIVE IONS TO HEAL ADRENALS – sit on the lanai and listen to the waterfall --DRINK LOTS OF WATER AND EXERCISE TO STIMULATE CHANNELS OF ELIMINATION AND STRENGTHEN THE BACK AND ABDOMINALS FOR SPINAL SUPPORT. --FOR BREAKING UP LIVER CONGESTION, USE PIECE OF FLANNEL OR COTTON DIPPED IN WARM CASTOR OIL. Set on liver and cover with plastic. Secure in place and use overnight. Do 3 times in 2 weeks --A DEEP MASSAGE OVER LIVER AREA BELOW RIBS WILL HELP STIMULATE AND CLEANSE SLUGGISH LIVER --RUB REFLEX AREA BETWEEN 5TH AND 6TH RIBS ON RIGHT SIDE FROM UNDER NIPPLE TO STERNUM – ONE MINUTE EVERY OTHER DAY FOR 2 WEEKS. BENEFICIAL FOR LIVER DYSFUNCTION --RUB 2 POINTS BETWEEN 2ND AND 3RD RIBS ON EACH SIDE OF STERNUM VIGOROUSLY FOR 1-2 MIN. 2 TIMES A WEEK FOR 1 MONTH. NORMALIZES THE THYROID FUNCTION --HOLD HAND OVER THYROID GLAND FOR 2 MIN. DAILY --RUB REFLEX POINT RIGHT BETWEEN EYEBROWS – 2 TIMES A WEEK FOR 1 MIN. BALANCES THE PITUITARY. --VIGOROUSLY RUB REFLEX POINT 2 INCHES ABOVE AND 1 INCH TO EACH SIDE OF THE BELLY BUTTON. 1 MIN. 3 TIMES A WEEK. BALANCES THE ADRENALS. -- Restore biomechanical equilibrium to cranium, sacrum, and coccyx (these move very slightly in response to breathing. This movement helps to “pump” pituitary and pineal gland. Malfunction can result in these are altered) Improper breathing, trauma to the head, long dental procedures can all cause dysfunction in normal biomechanics. -- HERBS BENEFICIAL TO ADRENAL,THYROID, AND LIVER --dandelion root, yarrow, milkthistle, black radish, mullein, parsley, fo-ti, gention, eyebright, calendula, wormwood, aloe, blue flag (small amounts) nettle leaves, Siberian ginseng, tumeric (curcumin) artichoke, devils claw , rosemary, strawberry leaf, jujube berries, bladderwrack, guggul, small amount of licorice --STAND IN SHOWER WITH BACK FACING SPRAY. LET BEAT DOWN ON ADRENALS (JUST ABOVE KIDNEY) 3 MIN IN HOTTEST WATER YOU CAN STAND, THEN 30SEC. OF COLDEST . ONCE A DAY OR – WHENEVER --MASSAGE REFLEX POINTS ON FEET 3 TIMES A WEEK. SEE FOOT CHART. DO FOR LYMPH FLUSH, LIVER, ADRENALS, SPINE (C,T,T7) AND PITUITARY --BOUNCE 30 MIN. ON REBOUNDER TO STIMULATE AND DRAIN LYMPHATIC GLANDS. 3-4 TIMES A WEEK. TRY TO RAISE ARMS UP AND STRETCH AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE --essential oils of helichrysum, rosemary, sandalwood, and eucalyptus are all balancing to the liver --FIRST THING IN THE MORNING, TAKE A COUPLE OF MINUTES TO DRY BRUSH YUR SKIN. Brush should be swept once or twice in the same upward movement (towards the heart) across every surface of the body except theface. Do not scrub, rotate, or massage with the brush – just sweep it across the skin. Brush up arms, from hands, up legs from feet to hips, down back and torso, up butt, down neck, across shoulders. After a few days, may notice gelatinous mucoid material in the stool – that is toxic lymph that has drained into the colon. Do daily for 3 months, then 2 times a week or when feeling ill. --TRY TO DO THE SPINAL STRETCH (P.207 CHINESE HEALTH AND HEALING). STRETCHES AND ALIGNS THE SPINE AND NERVES. Stimulates thymus and adrenals. --the less enzyme power the body has to divert for digestion, the more it can use performing all other metabolic functions. Good to supplement with digestive enzymes at every meal. Excellent source of vitality. --PRESSING THE ACCUPRESSURE POINT JUST BELOW THE BASE OF THE SKULL IN THE HOLLOW BETWEEN THE 2 LARGE NECK MUSCLES – 2-3 INCHES APART- AFTER ADJUSTMENTS COULD HELP WITH HEADACHES, DIZZINESS, NECK PAIN, TRAUMA. --PRESS UP INTO THE SPOT WITH THUMBS UNDERNEATH BASE OF SKULL. APPLY PRESSURE, THEN TILT HEAD BACK. Breath deep for 1 Minute SUGGESTED EXERCISES FOR BACK AND ABDOMEN – USING BOWFLEX RESISTED PUNCH – page 19, works shoulders, chest, triceps. Try to start out using 15 lb. If too heavy, use 10 lb.and work up after a few weeks. Try to do at least 15 reps and work up to 20, then increase wt. BENCH PRESS – page 18, works chest muscles, and front shoulders and triceps. Try to start out using 15lb, and work up after a few weeks. Try to do at least 15 reps and work up to 20, then increase wt. LYING SHOULDER PULLOVER – page 20, emphasizes the upper back. Also involves the chest and triceps. Try to start out using 15lb and work up after a few weeks. Try to do at least 15 reps and work up to 20, then increase wt. SEATED SHOULDER PRESS – page 21, emphasizes the front portion of the shoulder muscles as well as upper back muscles and triceps. Try to do as above. SCAPULAR DEPRESSION – page 23, develops lower trapezius muscles which stabilize and move shoulder blades. Very important in posture as well as when using arms to raise from a chair. Try to do as above. SHOULDER EXTENSION – page 25, emphasizes upper back as well as the muscles between shoulder blades and triceps. Do as above WIDE PULLDOWNS – page 28, emphasizes all back muscles which make up the large pulling muscles of upper back. Also involves the biceps. Do as above FUNCTIONAL LOW BACK EXTENSION - page 29, emphasizes muscles in low back that are necessary for providing stabilization and protection for the spine.Do as above. SCAPULAR RETRACTION – page 32, develops muscles between shoulder blades that pull your shoulder blades together and are essential to good posture. Do as above STIFF ARM PULLDOWN – page 33, emphasizes upper back as well as the muscles between the lower part of shoulder blades. Do as above. ALWAYS GOOD TO TRY TO DO AS MANY CRUNCHES AS POSSIBLE AT THE END. DO SLOW CONCENTRATED MOVEMENT BOTH UP AND DOWN. Please email me if you have any questions.