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SOME SUGGESTIONS FOR ALS --- is thought to be primarily an autoimmune disease caused by food allergies or environmental toxin exposure. Also genetic susceptibility ---very important to get the book Eat Right 4 Your Type, and follow your blood type suggestions very carefully. This will help eliminate toxic reactions within your body to the foods you eat. Will also stop or slow down any resulting attacks by your overactive immune system. --very important – if any blood type other than B, NO dairy or wheat at all. Highly allergenic and mucus producing- increases autoimmune disorders. If blood type B, OK to have skim milk, but NO wheat. --- body/mind connection is very powerful. Important to take time every day to meditate and practice visualization. What ever method of visualization you do is fine as long as you daily meditate on the muscles and nerves staying strong and functional. --- important to eat nutrient dense, small meals throughout the day. Don’t overtax your system by overeating. High protein is good. Eat or supplement high fiber – ground flax seed, apple pectin, or psyllium. ---remain as physical as possible. Important not to over do it. Strength training, or resistance training is very good – as is yoga or tai chi. --- try to avoid as many environmental toxins as possible. Walk where you can breathe good fresh air. Eat organic as much as you can. Very important to avoid additional free radical damage at all costs. --- adequate rest is important. May be beneficial to take small dose of melatonin at night to sleep. Also is a very strong antioxidant. Best to try 2-3 mg. sustained release. --- would also be very beneficial to have massage often- self massage is good. Doesn’t have to be heavy duty, just enough to stimulate and oxygenate your muscles and nerves in your feet and legs and arms and fingers, neck - any place muscles feel stiff or tight. Alternate between mild effleurage and full massage. Both are beneficial. --may try massage with a combination of essential oils – (you can make as much as you want – numbers signify “parts” or drops) rosemary essential oil – 2, sandalwood essential oil –2, geranium essential oil – 1, lemongrass essential oil – 1, clary sage essential oil – 2, origanum marjorana(sweet marjoram) – 2, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) –1. These oils are all useful as nerve tonics – beneficial for pain, stiffness, muscle soreness, analgesics, antispasmodic. Mix all together and add to 2t. of grapeseed oil. Massage. You can make a large amount of the mixture and keep it in a dark dropper bottle, then when you have a massage, just add 5 drops to 1t. oil. ---try to get at least an hour of full sun on as much of your skin as possible. Use no sunglasses or sunscreen. Morning or evening sun is the best. Stimulates the pineal gland and aids in production of Vit. D from cholesterol on the skin. Helps is production of adrenal hormones and keeps muscles and bones strong and pliable. --ALS is sometimes classified with Multiple sclerosis, so info on that will follow:- feel free to add anything from that section that you choose. SUPPLEMENTS – -- good multi – no iron - All 1 powder is a good combination. You can mix it either with some yogurt (good quality with both acidophilus and bifidus), and a tablespoon of flax oil for breakfast. Or, good mixed in a breakfast smoothie. – basic recipe to follow. -- calcium/magnesium – either in powder or liquid. Beneficial for nerves, muscles and bones. Try to get 500mg cal/250mg mag. for breakfast, and 1000mg cal/50mg. mag. for supper or before bed.. Can go great in a smoothie for breakfast. Before bed, mix in a little yogurt or some water. -- CO Q10 – Country Life Q-gels are very good. Best to take 1 twice a day, not after 1-2PM or you may not be able to sleep. Strong antioxidant, and is very beneficial for the heart and muscles. Take with meals. -- Ester C/with bioflavanoids – 1000mg. 3 times a day. Strong antioxidant, ester C is the best form with the bioflavanoids to keep it functioning as an antioxidant. Take with meals -- Mixed carotenoid complex – I believe Country Life has a good one. Best to take 2 a day. Very strong free radical scavengers, and the complex has been found to be more effective. Take with meals --Mixed E complex – Jarrow is the only company I know that puts this out. Contains the WHOLE E complex with tocopherols and tocotrienols. Balance cholesterol, free radical scavengers, and antioxidants. Take 1 two times a day with meals. --Lipoic acid – 100mg. two times a day with meals. Balances blood sugars, very effective liver tonic. Strong antioxidant, and recycles other antioxidants. --NAC – 1500mg . – best taken on empty stomach. – sulfur containing amino. One of best free radical destroyers. Strong detoxifier. Protects the liver from toxins. --reduced glutathione – 600mg. empty stomach – Jarrow makes a good one. Powerful antioxidant. Detoxifies the liver. A deficiency of this amino first affects the nervous system. --SOD – strong antioxidant. Neutralizes possibly the most dangerous free radical, superoxide, which leads to friction and inflammation. ALS patients often found to be deficient – leading to neural degeneration. KAL SOD-3 is a good one. -- digestive enzymes - properly digests all food.- alleviating symptoms of food allergies. Take 2 with each meal. -- B12 – 5000mcg. – 2 twice a day – breakfast and lunch. Methylcobalamin is the most bioavailable source of B12. Prevents nerve damage, protects nerve endings. -- Sublingual B-complex – supplies all the B’s. Every organ and body system depends on the B-complex and it is rapidly depleted under stress of any kind. Sublingual is the most bioavailable. Take 1 two times a day. --Multi-strain acidophilus powder – replaces and balances the beneficial bacteria through out the system. Jarrow has a good powder. Try to take 1t. three times a day on an empty stomach. Can just dissolve it in your mouth. -- Free-form crystallized amino acid complex powder – needs no further digestion, goes straight to muscles to build and keep functional. Carlson has a good one. 2 caps two times a day on empty stomach. -- MSM – ½ t. dissolved in small amount of water 2-3 times a day. High in biological sulfur which is an essential mineral. Found to be beneficial for muscle pain, healing, detoxification, gastrointestinal problems, and immune function. Best to start out taking only once a day and work up to 2-3 times. Try not to take to late in afternoon, may not let you sleep well. --Creatine – 1t.(5g) 4 times a day for a week, then 1t. once a day – empty stomach. Found to slow the degenerative process and keep muscles stronger and more pliable. Drink lots of water if you take this – and no coffee and no orange juice. It may dehydrate you –hence-no coffee and the orange juice converts it to creatinine which is bad for your kidneys --High lignan flax oil – 1-2T.a day. May be mixed with yogurt or cottage cheese or put in a smoothie. Mixing flax oil with a small amount of dairy has been found to be the most beneficial and bioavailable way in which to take it. Good concentrations of omega 3 and 6. Highly beneficial for nerves and muscles as well as the whole cardiovascular system . Also good for arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. --MCT – medium chain triglycerides – coconut butter – 1-2t. a day. Stops cachexia and muscle wasting, increases thermogenesis. Highly nutritional saturated fat. Use it any way possible. -- Panax ginseng root – use once a day. Found to increase expression of nerve growth especially in the brain. RECIPE FOR A SMOOTHIE – can have either at breakfast of for supper. Just change the ingredients slightly. Add to blender – or vitamixer if you have or can get one. 1T. Pure rice protein powder 1c. rice milk 1T. lecithin granules – keeps everything fluid in the body. Effective for the brain and nerves Calcium/Mag. powder or liquid – use according to label to get either 500/250mg at breakfast or 1000/500mg at supper . Country Life has a good powder and Liquid Health has a liquid Ester C/bioflavanoids – ½ t.powder to equal 1000mg. ARA-6 – arabinogalactans – 1t. powder – powerful immune booster without causing autoimmune problems All 1 multi powder – 1T.-use for breakfast, but not necessary for supper. Can also just add it to some yogurt Apple pectin powder – ½ t. – excellent fiber – also found to pull heavy metals out of the system – use this a couple time a day if you can. Greens powder – 1-2t. excellent detoxifier, blood purifier, healer, tonic. High in magnesium which is very good for the nerves. ½ - 1 bag of frozen red raspberries or blueberries. Raspberries contain ellagic acid which has been found to be one of the strongest antioxidants known. Ongoing research is showing it to be beneficial in many degenerative diseases.. blueberries are a good source of proanthocyanadins – again very strong free radical destroyers. Sweeten with stevia to taste. Add milk and all other ingredients except frozen fruit. Blend well until dissolved. Gradually add fruit until desired thickness and taste. You can also add some flax oil or MCT to this When you don’t feel like having a smoothie for breakfast or a quick supper, try a container of yogurt (whatever flavor) – mix handful of oats (depending on blood type), Tablespoon of ground flax meal, ½ t. apple pectin, and 1T. high lignan flax oil. If having for breakfast, can put a tablespoon of All 1 multi vit. powder in, too. Fiber is very important. SUPPLEMENT AND DIET SUGGESTIONS FOR MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS BALANCED MULTIPLE VITAMIN/MINERAL –(good base for any nutritional program) containing at least 200mcg. selenium CO Q10 – 30MG. – 2X DAY – (Best form to use is Q-gel form. Body accepts mgs. as double or triple the amount) Strengthens the immune system without activating it. Very strong antioxidant. Good for circulation and tissue oxygenation – studies have found that the most likely offender in MS may be connected to the circulatory system in the brain or spinal cord. FISH OILS – 3 – 2 to 3 times a day – found to be beneficial in immune modulation. People with MS have been found to be deficient in Omega 3. Have been shown to reduce the levels of several pro-inflammatory cytokines as well as prostaglandin E2 and leukotriene B4. Rich in Vit.D3, which experiments have shown inhibits MS. Benefits are sustained by reducing Omega 6 fatty acids (vege oils) and increasing Omega 3 (fish oils). Supplementing with fish oil containing EPA and DHA could result in improved remyelination. Research has also shown that increased omega-3 intake has shown a trend towards reduced rate and severity of exacerbations. Flax oil is a good substitute for fish oils. High in omega 3’s. Most beneficial way to take flax oil it to mix 1T. of oil in ¼- ½ c. of yogurt. This has been found to work synergistically to promote health benefit. ESTER C - W/ CITRUS BIOFLAVANOIDS AND RUTIN – 500mg. of ester C, 200mg. bioflavonoids, 100mg rutin – 3 times a day. Empty stomach. Very strong anti- oxidant, anti-viral. Found to help the body produce it’s own natural interferon. Strengthens the capillaries. Best to take ester-C with bioflavonoids due to research that has found that high levels of vitamin C may act as a pro- oxidant when taken unbuffered and without bioflavonoids. Best to take on empty stomach so bacteria in digestive system don’t utilize the flavonoids, making less available to the rest of the body. Best taken ½ hour before meals or 2 hours after, and at bedtime. Preferably 8 hr. apart. LECITHIN – 2-3 times a day . Found to protect the cells, beneficial in protecting the blood,brain barrier. B-COMPLEX – 50-100 mg. 2 times a day. Needed to counter stress. Found to maintain healthy nerves. B12 – Methylcobalamin – 2000mg. sublingual lozenge – Found to help balance the circadian rhythms, restoring normal body function, decreasing stress. Helps prevent nerve damage by maintaining protective myelin sheath. CHLOROPHYLL – 2-3 times a day. Good purifier, high in magnesium to benefit nerves. CALCIUM, MAGNESIUM - 2000MG./1000MG. – keeps bones and nerves strong and pliable. Also found to be beneficial for the body’s production of D3 ZINC – 30-50 mg. a day – in addition to amounts in multi and food. Found to reduce the stress hormone, cortisol. VIT. D3 – (cholecalciferol) 400 iu – 2-3 times a day – studies have found that D3 may be a natural inhibitor of the autoimmune mediated processes that underlie MS and a selective immune system regulator. Also aids in calcium absorption. There is evidence that MS patients have vit.D deficiency. MS has shown a striking geographic distribution. – increases with increasing latitude in both hemispheres. Concludes that a certain skin dose of sunshine may be protective since D3 is the vitamin produced in the body by exposure to sunshine. Daily exposure to sunlight or full spectrum light has been found to have beneficial effects on the immune system and the metabolism of fatty acids in the retina of the eye—which may prevent MS related eye disorders. ANTHOCYANOSIDES, PROANTHOCYANIDINS,& PCO’s - 500mg. comb/2 times a day during attacks, 150mg. 3 times a day routinely. May experience nausea, vomiting, or other negative effects when start using antioxidants (bioflavonoids). Symptoms get worse before better. This is a signal that the antioxidants are getting the free radicals out of the system. Found to be high in anthocyanosides, proanthocyanidins, and procyanidolic oligomers.(PCO’s). All belong to the chemical family of flavonoids. These 3 chemicals found effective in strengthening the blood brain barrier. Anthocyanaocides have been found to diminish the permeability of the blood brain barrier by affecting the brain capillaries. Country Life Grape Complete is relatively inexpensive. PROBIOTICS (acidophilus/bifidus) – refrigerated, powdered is best form. 1tsp. in A.M. and 1 tsp. in P.M. – empty stomach . Helps detoxify. Counters the bad bacteria. Detoxifying is very important, allergic reactions of many kinds promote toxic build-up in the body and trigger autoimmune and inflammatory reactions. BALANCED E COMPLEX – combination of the total E complex – tocotrienols and tocopherols. Best form to use is from palm oil, which is higher in delta tocotrienol. Studies have also found that it is more beneficial to take the total E complex rather than just the tocopherols or tocotrienols. Synergistically, they form a very strong anti-oxidant- protecting against free radical-mediated degenerative diseases. The gamma tocopherols have been found to have an affinity to the brain. Studies have also shown that the E-complex works in combination with ester-C to form a stronger anti-oxidant. FREE-FORM AMINO ACID COMPLEX – powder is usually best. Take on empty stomach, 2-3 times a day. The free-form amino acids are the most bio-available. Found to increase muscle strength and helps maintain good absorption of nutrients needed for proper brain function. L-GLUTAMINE – found to be beneficial in healing the intestinal lining - thus preventing or halting “leaky gut” syndrome, which plays a big part in autoimmune diseases. It has been determined that glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body. There is an increased demand during stress associated with exercise, illness or trauma. Supplementation supports protein synthesis and glycogen production which has been found to increase strength and endurance. DIGESTIVE ENZYME COMPLEX – 2 w/ each meal. Aids in digestion, allowing the larger protein molecules to be digested. Improperly or undigested food permeates the intestinal wall and is attacked as a foreign substance possibly initiating an inflammatory response by the immune system against the body itself. This out-of-control immune response is thought to be one of the causes of MS APPLE PECTIN OR OTHER FIBERS – 1 or 2 times a day. Fiber is beneficial in keeping down intestinal toxicity, and in healing. Apple pectin, specifically, has been found to bind to heavy metals and help get them out of the body. Research has found people with MS may have high levels of mercury in the body. MYELIN-MS – a Jarrow product. This product has the same basic principle as the drug Copaxone. The theory behind the research is -- the body’s own immune system (enzymes and macrophages) is attacking the myelin sheath. Therefore, taking bovine myelin is a type of anti-adhesion therapy. The body’s immune system will attack the bovine myelin instead of it’s own myelin – thereby lessening the occurrence of attacks and the degeneration. -- This is the same theory as with people who are blood type O – who genetically have hyperactive immune systems – only the O’s immune system attacks the sugar on their RBC’s, which make up their blood type ( their blood type antigen), which is fucose. To decrease the incidence of auto-immune disorders, O’s may take fucus vesiculosis (bladderwrack) so the immune system attacks the fucus instead of the body’s own blood type antigen –averting disorders such as arthritis, ulcers, lupus, etc. ALPHA LIPOIC ACID – studies have shown that ALA is a non-specific scavenger of Reactive Oxygen species and decreases the destruction of myelin by WBC( macrophages). Free radicals play a large role in myelin destruction. Very beneficial to the liver; known to actually regenerate liver and also nerve tissue. Is an anti inflammatory . INFO. --- the keys to combating MS are halting the activation of the immune system and healing and strengthening the gut, the blood,brain barrier, and the immune system. ---Watch what you eat and when – best to avoid hypoglycemic situations. Don’t skip meals. ---No sugar, wheat, corn, dairy, - NO saturated fats from red meat or dark poultry. Animal fats- especially those from DAIRY – have been most closely linked to MS,and have the greatest potential to cause autoimmune reactions. Dairy, gluten grains(wheat, rye, barley, oats), beans and yeast are foods that have the greatest potential to cause auto-immune reactions. ---Stay away from all vegetable oils -- excess Omega 6 fats produce inflammatory-like conditions ---Control stress and anxiety. Practice deep, diaphragmatic breathing. Stress has been found to be a major contributor of MS – along with leaky gut syndrome. ---Engage in regular – not excessive – exercise. Don’t do vigorous exercise if you’re not feeling well. Stretching and light resistance training (weight lifting) is beneficial, though. --- If NOT blood type O, try St. John’s Wort – good for nerves, physiologically and emotionally. Good anti-viral herb. --- Watch intake of yeast products – there may be a link between MS and candidiasis. Treatments to reduce candida have been found to be very beneficial. ---Eat blueberries, grapes(purple), cherries, or red raspberries ( 1/4 – 1/2 lb daily) and take supplements of combined bilberry, grapeseed ext., and pycnogenol. Strengthens the blood, brain barrier, which may be damaged by over active immune system. Act as very powerful antioxidants, block enzyme actions, and bind with the blood, brain barrier. Recent research has found that the whole red raspberry, containing ellagic acid (ellagitannins) is the strongest antioxidant to date. Slows the growth of cancer cells or initiated apoptosis, prevents the destruction of the P53 gene by cancer cells, protects DNA,promotes wound healing, reduces heart disease, and reduces or reverses chemically induced liver fibrosis. Best to take them in the whole form, pureed in a blender or food processor so the seeds are crushed, releasing the ellagic acid. Consistent studies find that breakdown of the blood brain barrier is an invariable and obligatory event in the development of new lesions in relapsing-remitting or secondary progressive MS. ---try to eat fish (salmon,cod, mackeral, tuna) at least 3 times a week and take supplemental Omega 3 fatty acids ---ABSOLUTELY NO aspartame – equal, nutrasweet, spoonful – causes MS-like symptoms and can cause auto immune reactions which lead to MS. It has been found that in some people diagnosed with MS – symptoms disappear after getting aspartame out the their system. Aspartame changes the brains chemistry. It makes you crave carbs and gain weight. Very bad for diabetics. In fact, it may trigger clinical diabetes. Other diseases associated with aspartame are – brain tumors and other cancers, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, mental retardation, fibromyalgia, lymphoma, Grave’s disease, chronic fatigue, systemic lupus, Epstein-Barr, and Parkinson’s. Aspartame is a molecule composed of aspartic acid, phenylalanine, and methanol. Methanol is wood alcohol – which converts to formaldehyde and formic acid ( the poison in the sting of fire ants) in the gut. Formaldehyde is a neurotoxin and class A carcinogen. Phenylalanine is neurotoxic when unaccompanied by the other amino acids and also blocks serotonin production. Aspartic acid causes brain lesions and neuro-endocrine disorders. ---try to stay away from any foods which cause an allergic reaction. Allergenic foods , in most cases lead to “leaky gut syndrome”, which activates the immune system to attack the foreign proteins. Necessary to prevent intact food proteins from entering circulation. This is the cause of most autoimmune diseases. Other causes of increased intestinal permeability are – alcohol consumption, infection, parasites, trauma, and usage of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin. ---it is imperative to maintain bowel regularity with MS. This can be accomplished by high intake of fiber, high fluid intake, regular bowel routine, and mod. exercise. ---sunlight is an excellent source of Vit. D, however, heat may trigger symptoms. ---may be beneficial to supplement with 5mg. DHEA, if over 40. Shows benefit in decreasing pain, improving immune function, boosting stress tolerance, and improving body mobility and sleep. ---try using detoxifying herbs occasionally. Keeps the liver and organs toned and functioning well. Good detoxifying herbs are dandelion root, red clover, pau d’arco, milk thistle, burdock, and yellow dock. ---an herb that is VERY beneficial in immune function in arabinogalactin (larch). Is also high in fiber, so is very beneficial for intestinal function ---research has shown that vaccinations cause immune reactions and may well affect the BBB and cause central nervous system inflammation. In many instances, the vaccination provides the final stress on an already embattled immune system. IT IS NOT A GOOD IDEA TO GET A FLU VACCINATION, due to this reason. ---heavy metal toxicity, especially from mercury amalgam fillings, has been studied. There is an epidemiological correlation between MS and dental caries. When silver amalgam fillings are exposed to gingival action and oxidation, inorganic mercury may be converted to an organic form which acts as a neurotoxin. ---if you smoke – stop. Smoking results in free-radical production. Free radicals destroy myelin that has been compromised ---chlorine and fluoride are toxins that should not be in anyone’s body, but especially not one that is already medically compromised. Don’t drink it or bathe in it. ---essential oils that have been found to be beneficial in MS are : rosemary, sandalwood, and geranium. Found to improve quality of sleep, strengthen muscles and relieve muscle tension or spasms, decrease pain, boost immune system, stimulate circulation and memory. If used, mix in equal amounts, store in dark bottle. When ready to use as massage oil, dilute 5-10 drops of mix with 1t. carrier oil( grapeseed would be best). Best to massage at night. ---would be a very good idea to know your blood type. Is very important in determining beneficial foods and toxic foods. ---it is best not to try to take everything all the time. Try to divide everything into at least 2 regimens. Decide what you want to take, and take them for a period of 6 months, or so. It is never a good idea to take the same thing for a long period of time. The body tends to become resistant to it, and you either have to continually take more of it to get the same results or, the body just doesn’t recognize it all and it becomes ineffective. Try to change your regimen every 6 months or so, even if it means going back to what you took the previous 6 months. It may also be a good idea to only take your supplements and herbs Monday through Friday, and let your system reset itself on the weekend. That way, the body will freshly accept them on Monday. It will also give you a break, and makes it a little more financially exceptable. FYI The blood brain barrier is made up of tightly bound capillary cells within the central nervous system. This prevents most substances from passing out of the capillaries into the CNS tissue. Certain proteins – such a collagen and fibrin make up the “glue” to hold these cells together. There are certain cells in the immune system which can dissolve the extracellular “glue”. This is a beneficial process when allowing white blood cells to access an area of infection. However, when these cells release their chemicals in the capillaries of the central nervous system, there results a breakdown of the blood brain barrier, leading to an MS lesion. An example of one such “glue dissolving” process is the metalloproteinases (MMP’s). These MMP’s are not readily active, but must be converted to an active form by other enzymes in order to act on the collagen or fibronectin. It has been found that flavonoids have an affinity for joining themselves to enzymes. If they were to join with the MMP’s or their activators, they would be able to block this process – preserving the blood brain barrier and preventing an MS lesion. Inhibiting the activity of these enzymes or activators may offer a therapeutic approach in the development of inflammatory demyelinating diseases. Studies have also found that flavonoids tend to become part of the cellular matrix – or at least adhere to it. They have receptor sites which tend to grab on to enzymes which would otherwise attack the matrix. The flavonoids become “sacrificial lambs” so to speak – maintaining the integrity of the matrix. The flavonoids are potent anti-oxidants. Anthocyanosides have been found to neutralize free radicals so quickly that they don’t have time to act on the collagen, thus – again – protecting the BBB from damage and preventing MS lesions. In addition to having anti-degenerative actions, anthocyanosides also have been found to have strong anti-inflammatory action. This action would enable flavonoids to not only reduce the number of attacks on the myelin, but also reduce the severity, since much of the damage caused to nerve cells is due to inflammation. In other words, flavonoids have been found to not only strengthen the BBB, but simultaneously reduce inflammation. PCO’s are better anti-oxidants than anthocyanosides, but anthocyanosides are better anti-inflammatory agents. Best therapy would be to use flavonoids high in anthocyanosides (blueberries, cherries, grapes, or bilberry) and PCO’s (pycnogenol or pine bark) When the immune system is stimulated or overactivated, white blood cells called T4 lymphocytes are produced. During an attack, the T4a lymphs attack the myelin sheath, causing inflammation followed by scar tissue. The BBB keeps the T4 lymphs away from the myelin sheath. So—theoretically – no matter how stimulated the immune system is, if the BBB is intact, the lymphs will not be able to attack the myelin. Studies have shown that the problem may be a weakened BBB, not an immune system sensitized to the myelin. Therapy should be aimed at protecting the BBB and healing it, and not necessarily to lower the immune system. Since lowering the immune system creates the risk of contracting other diseases that the immune system would normally keep at bay. Strengthening the BBB is not a cure – people with sensitized, overactive immune systems may always be AT RISK of an MS attack. But, if the BBB is kept healthy and effective, the attacks should be minimal or none. Research has found that degradation of the BBB may be caused by nutritional deficiencies, or a viral attack. This can be compounded many times over by the addition of stress to the system. This could be physical, emotional, or mental stress. Stress is one of the primary causes of oxidation in the body. Studies have found a strain of herpes virus – HHV6 – plays a role in the development of MS. The virus infects most people in the first few years of life and patients with the most common form of MS(relapsing/remitting) had an increased immune response to the virus. The herpes virus is known to infect nerve cells and HHV6 proteins are expressed in MS lesions. Herpes also tends to re-activate. The same factors associated with MS exacerbations have been linked to herpes virus reactivation (stress, poor diet, allergies) Women with MS need to make sure their hormones are in balance. Excess estrogen or ERT has been found to cause MS ( auto-immune ) symptoms or the disease itself. Women with MS who have had a hysterectomy or are going through menopause may have an increase in or more severe symptoms. This is due to the fact that studies have found failure to ovulate may be linked to adrenal insufficiency, hypothyroidism, auto-immune disorders or poly-glandular failure, increased susceptibility to osteoporosis and increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Natural progesterone cream has been found to balance out estrogen dominance.