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Ticket 2 English => Unit One => Vocabulary

Vocabulary Quiz

Put the words between brackets in the correct form.

Ahmed is a (strength) (adventure) young man full of (vital) . He is really (energy) , and he is (passion) about social work. He is so (audacity) that nothing can stop him achieving his goals.

Everybody admires him for his (enthusiastic) for assisting unprivileged people in his community. I personally think he is a (talent) and a (tolerance) boy. He is exceptionally (curiosity) about solving social problems.

Not only is Ahmed (imagination) and (creativity) , but he is also (ambition) . He always dreams of becoming the best of the best.

Some say Ahmed is rather (rebellion) , but I think he has full (confident) in his own abilities, and he tries to show everybody that he is simply a (vigour) boy with (innovation) ideas.