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Used to

                We normally use the expression "used to" to talk about an action or, better, a habit in the past and finished. It stopped to exist at the present time.



                In this form the expression "used to" is used to describe a long lasting action, a state or a habit in the past. The sentence tells us indirectly that what you are talking about has ceased to exist.

  1. I used to go with my mother everywhere she went. (this habit stopped now as I get older)
  2. We used to live in a large house (but now we live in a smaller one)
  3. Leila used to have dinner very late at night (Now she no longer does)

                As you might have noticed, "USED TO" is followed by a verb in the infinitive without "to" and this is the rule.

used to + V1 *

used togo
used tolive
used tohave


In this form the 'd' of "used to" is omitted because the auxiliary 'did' does its job:

did + not + use to + V1 *

I   did   not   use to   eat   onions.

  1. I didn't use to go to school by bike. (but now I do)
  2. Leila didn't use to wear a scarf. (but now she does)
  3. Eric didn't use to get up early. (but now he does)


Like with the negative form, when we want to ask a question about a repeated action, a state, or a habit in the past, the auxiliary 'did' takes the role of the 'd' of 'used to'.

The form is as follows:

did + subj. + use to + V1 *
Did   you   use to   smoke?

  1. Did she use to eat fried food?
  2. Where did you use to spend your holidays?
  3. What did you use to have for breakfast when you were in China?
  4. Which school subject did you use to like when you were at the primary school?
  5. Where did they use to live?
| tOp |

* V1 Verb in the infinitive without 'to' (Bare infinitive)


\-/ Fill in the blanks with "used to" or "use to".
  1. Leila's grandfather be a soldier during World War II.
  2. His children didn't enjoy his stories about the war.
  3. Did your grandfather work for the army?
  4. My grandfather drive a military van.
  5. Those soldiers didn't like Hitler.
^ Compare ^

\-/ Can you tell what these sentences want to say. Use expressions with "used / use to"


I no longer live with my parents. => I used to live with my parents.

  1. We don't listen to long songs any more.
  2. John doesn't play tennis well any more.
  3. People no longer travel on horseback.
  4. They no longer swim in the river.
  5. These students aren't interested in philosophy any more.
  6. The neighbours no longer trust each other.
  7. My sister doesn't bring me chocolate tablets any more.
^ Compare ^

\-/ Write five sentences talking about the things you used to do or didn't use to do.

Good Luck

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