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Common Core => Reading => March => 55 minutes.

Reading Test

            Hello! My name is Susan, I have got one sister and two brothers, and I am the oldest of them all. Last weekend, the weather was fine. It was sunny and warm. So, we decided to go on picnic. It was Jenny's idea, actually.

            On Saturday, we bought plenty of food and juice, and very early the next morning, we took the bus to the countryside*. When we arrived there, Tony and Bob took their cameras and started taking photos while we were busy preparing the camp. I advised the kids not to go near the river.

            At noon, Tony played the guitar, and the others sang and danced. After that, we ate all the food and had a nap. In the evening we returned home very happy and relaxed.

*countryside = البادية



            A.     Answer these questions    

  1. How many siblings has Susan got?

  2. What was the weather like last week?

  3. What did they do before they went on picnic?

  4. Who proposed to go on picnic?

  5. What did Susan advise the children?

            B.     Are these sentences True or False? Justify    

  1. They went to the countryside early on Saturday morning.

  2. They went to the countryside by bus.

  3. Tony has got a guitar.

  4. The children enjoyed the picnic.

            C.     What do the underlined words in the text refer to ?    

  1. "them" (paragraph 1, line 2)  
  2. "we" (paragraph 1, line 2)  
  3. "there" (paragraph 2, line 2)  
  4. "we" (paragraph 2, line 3)  

            D.    Find in the text words which mean the same as:    

1. a lot of (paragraph 2)  2. midday (paragraph 3) 
3. a siesta (paragraph 3)  4. came back (paragraph 3) 

            E.    Complete these sentences with information from the text.    

  1. Susan's siblings' names are  
  2. The children went to the   on excursion.

II.     WRITING    

     What did you do last Friday? Write a paragraph.

These questions may help you.



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