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Reported Speech Quiz

Re-write the following sentences in the indirect speech as shown, and click "check" to compare

      1. "How old are you?", he said.
He asked me

      2. "We don't serve couscous here", he said.
He told us

      3. "Did you receive our message last week?", she said
She wanted to know

      4. "They are not downloading the file now", he told us.
He said

      5. "We won't talk to Jenny any more".
Sue told me

      6. "I saw a good film two days ago", he said.
He said

      7. "Have you ever been to Mecca?", he said.
He asked us

      8. "I was going home when I met her yesterday".
He informed us

      9. "Will Ted repair the broken tractor?".
He asked

      10. "Don't get near this well".
He warned us

      11. "What have you been doing here?".
We asked him

      12. "They didn't do anything serious to solve the problem".
He told us

      13. "Be careful!".
Clint advised us

      14. "I will help you with Maths tomorrow".
She promised

      15. "Don't forget to lock the door" he said.
He reminded me

      16. "Stop whining!", the mother shouted.
The mother ordered the kids

      17. "Do you know where they went last week!", the father asked.
He wanted to know

      18. "We finished reading your paper a few hours ago!", he said.
He told me

      19. "Do you like to meet the manager today?", the clerk asked.
The clerk wanted to know

      20. "Why don't you come back tomorrow?", he said.
He advised me


The Lesson