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(-_-) Actions in the Past (-_-)

N.B: To do this quiz, you should have visited these two pages
(1) The past Perfect,
(2) The past perfect progressive. Good Luck.

Rewrite the verbs between brackets in the correct form

01. Yesterday, when the lights went out, the movie (just / finish) .       CHECK

02. Last night, the baby (cry) for hours until he fell asleep.       CHECK

03. Yesterday, I didn't wake up early because I (forget) to set my alarm clock.       CHECK

04. Yesterday, I (sleep) until they woke me up.       CHECK

05. Last week, she (not/prepare) a good project, so she was expelled from the competition.       CHECK

06. He couldn't answer my question because he (not/listen) to me.       CHECK

07. We (wait) here for ages when he finally showed up giggling like an idiot.       CHECK

08. Last night, as soon as Jimmy (see) the pitbull, he ran away as fast as he could.       CHECK

09. By the time we came back home, the kids (eat) all the food already.       CHECK

10. Last night, before we prepared dinner, we (go) shopping at the nearby store.       CHECK

11. Last night, the storm (hit) before I went to bed.       CHECK

12. When you phoned yesterday, we (leave) the office already.       CHECK

13. The kids (wait) outside till their mother came back from work.       CHECK

14. When I met her yesterday, she told me that she (not/ receive) my invitation.       CHECK

15. Until yesterday, he was still reading the story you (give) him.       CHECK

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