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Possessive Pronouns
  1. Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate Possessive Pronoun.


    1. This is not our turn, and it is not , either.    yours

    2. My mother's umbrella is black. This is certainly .        hers

    3. The cat has got a toy; but this is not .     its / his

    4. These are the kidsí bedrooms. I am sure they are .        theirs

    5. We also have got a red car, but this is not .     ours

    6. I usually do homework with a friend of .        mine

    7. If this is not your book, that one is undoubtedly .     yours

    8. This is not my brotherís car. is a very old case.        His

    9. This piece of cake is your sisterís. It is .     hers

    10. Their dog is small. Your dog is bigger than .        theirs

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